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Slush Yaaaayyyyy

Yeah, so I get to go bust my back and turn my feet into soakers, so this is gonna be short.

  • Erika Moen once got an indescribably awesome birthday gift from Vera Brosgol. Hot Topic, who have pulled this shit repeatedly, are selling a t-shirt with artwork blatantly stolen from Moen’s birthday gift. Let’s jump to the punchline, shall we?

    Blah blah, independent design shop, blah blah, we didn’t know, blah blah, they’re responsible for not being thieves, blah blah, we promise we won’t do it again.

    In the past, I’ve counseled politeness in communicating with the corporate behemoth, letting them know as gently as possible that they were engaged in the most outrageous thefts, and thanking them when they stopped doing it. Yeah, fuck that.

    Here’s the phone number for Jim McGinty, primary contact for Investor Relations at Hot Topic. That puts him further up the food chain than the blameless 800-number operators, and it’s always awesome when you want something done to pester the people that spend their time sucking up to mutual fund managers on an expense account, not being told that their company is screwing up badly in public. My guess is after the 20th call, some serious hell is going to get raised. Go forth and ask if Hot Topic intends to live up to its Standards of Business Ethics [PDF] sometime this century.

  • In happier news, Chris Sims is part of a joint undertaking that brings some new webcomickry to these shores. Why does Sims get special attention on a day of launch, with but one strip in the archive? Because Chris Sims is the sort of funny that can be summed up in two words: haunted vagina (do I really need to say that link is only marginally safe for anything, much less work?). I look forward to Awesome Hospital with great anticipation.

Check Vera’s twitter – it’s already over! Hot Topic’s pulling the shirts and even the band has apologized. LIGHTNING-FAST RESOLUTION! (I guess after the first couple times they’re getting better with this?)

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