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Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts

Hating snow, happy thoughts. Like a Vera Brosgol Alice watercolor — if you can look at this and not smile, you have a heart of stone.

  • You know who might be the most subversive webcomicker out there? Francesco “Ces” Marciuliano. Guy writes Sally Forth, an occasionally snarky, but still entirely typical newspaper strip. And he relentlessly mocks the conventions of his own profession in his web strip, Medium Large.

    He’s now been doing so for more than 1000 installments, including a bite-the-hand-that-feeds-him gem (which I can’t find in his archives, curses!) about “the many moods of Sally Forth” (here were repeated head-and-shoulder shots of Sally, with the little dots that form her eyes shifting left and right in an otherwise static image; if anybody can find that beauty, link it in the comments, please). Anybody willing to mock the static conventions of his own field is good by me — here’s to the next 1000 installments.

  • One may recall that late last year, the Dallas Art News did a piece on webcomics and famous works of fine art; it was apparently intriguing enough to contine the experiment. Samantha Wikan points to the announcement on the DAN page:

    Dallas Art News is starting a webcomic section that will feature a new art-related webcomic each week. We are inviting all established webcomic artists to participate via our Guest Webcomic Artist Program.

    Dallas Art News received the most web traffic for a single post for Special Feature: Webcomics Imitating Art, which featured nineteen talented artists.

    We would like to start the Guest Webcomic Artist Program when Dallas Art News turns one year old in April. If all goes well, we would like to compile all 52 weeks of webcomics into a book.

    Some relevant points to consider:

    • Each guest artist will product 4 or 5 comics, one per week for a designated month
    • You can use your current characters, or create a something totally new
    • It’s got to be related to art somehow
    • Keep it friendly for a general audience (although, y’know, an arty audience, so boobies and even knobbly bits are probably cool if properly classical and/or abstract)
    • DAN gets first dibs on displaying your submissions
    • You keep all rights, and they’re figuring out if they can afford to pay you a little something

    All interested webcomic artists should contact Dallas Art News via the account called comics, which may be found at dallasartnews, which is a dot-com.

  • Via Tom Siddell‘s twitter: the first volume of Gunnerkrigg Court 2009 award for Best Graphic Novel for Young Adults from the Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards. My only objection: labelling stories as “Young Adult” tends to make actual Adult Adults pass them over, and Gunnerkrigg is some damn fine storytelling regardless of your age. Well done, Mr Siddell.
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