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Morning Commute Sucked, Still SMILE-ing

I'm gonna keep talking about it until at least the formal book review; may as well get used to it now.

I see a book-buying trip in my immediate future.

  • Are mini-things the new merch trend? Erika Moen made a whole bunch of mini-characters for various webcomickers as fan art, and she’s done all those tentaclethemed sculptures (the anemones are gorgeous, if sadly not for sale). Sean Archer has gotten into the game of pocket art with representations of his own Milo the Cloud. If you’re shy on space, this could entirely be a thing.
  • Early news of the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing is drifting in, with Peter Vine now officially first out of the gate with “I’ll be there with my friends” notification. If you head up to Mile End on 27th March (unfortunately, I’ll be at Pax East that weekend; I really have to pencil The Thing in for one of these years) you’ll be seeing the likes of Rose Loughran, Steve Dismukes,and German Erramouspe). As Vine noted:

    If Kate Beaton is attending then it must be good.

    Indeed, but there are easily a half-dozen draws at the show just as compelling.

  • Webomics and webcomickers (indeed, much of our modern society) appears to orbit the Robot Juice; for those (such as myself) who have never understood the appeal of the The Bean, the world is a lonely and judgemental place that shuns our kind. What of the noble, gentle-steeped leaf of Camellia sinensis? Well, our time has come. Adagio Teas have commissioned Katie Sekelsky (of the twice-weekly SF story Magpie Luck) to produce a new, tea-themed webcomic for their monthly newsletter, Tea Muse. Tea Tales (first installment here, hopefully an easily-accessible archive in the future) provides an illustrated look into some of the quirkier areas of tea’s history; it is both suitably pretty and sufficiently weird for anyone.

Minis are not trending now… Bree made Zumi a bunch of cute items for her birthday and christmas a long time ago: a william sculpture and two cute dolls!

hey there! Whoops- I’m not actually going to the UK comix thing anymore, I backed out! Mostly, it is so close to all those shows happening in April/May, there is one just about every other week! Can’t get them all in, you know? But it’s a great show, I hope everyone who is interested gets to make it there!

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