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There Are Too Many Things Happening Today

Unbelievable to think that Siegel does this in his spare time before going to work.

Stop happening so much, things! Seriously, since I opened the computer this morning, multiple things have been added to today. For instance, the news that Bill Watterson did an interview, which totally included this exchange:

How soon after the U.S. Postal Service issues the Calvin stamp will you send a letter with one on the envelope?

Immediately. I’m going to get in my horse and buggy and snail-mail a check for my newspaper subscription.

I think that’s the Cronkite Moment for newspapers. In other happenings:

  • It is Hourly Comic Day. John Campbell has been chronicling his hourly existence for the past month, and today everybody else is, too. There’s still time to get in on the deal since (as Campbell affirms) you do not have to be a fancy drawer to do this.
  • Even more ambitious than hourly comics? Launching a new webcomic on Hourly Comic Day, which is exactly what Jamie Noguchi did. You might remember Noguchi from some comics as Angry Zen Master and the first story arc of Erfworld, and now he brings you ¥ellow Peril, which I can’t but help think will turn out well. Get in on the ground floor.
  • Even more ambitious than launching a new webcomic on Hourly Comic Day? Announcing a contest for a paid webcomic gig on Hourly Comic Day, which is exactly what The Escapist is doing; you might remember The Escapist for the blindingly funny and high-speed video game reviews by Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw, but as near as I can tell, this contest has nothing to do with Croshaw (who has made his opinions of certain webcomics [scroll down] and genres clear). Instead, well, let’s let them tell the big part:

    A paid webcomic contract with The Escapist! The winner will then be contacted by The Escapist to negotiate contract obligations. [emphasis mine]

    Please Note
    Regardless of the webcomic that wins, we are looking for someone who is dedicated to creating top level content for The Escapist. In doing so, please be aware that you will be asked to create at least two (2) pieces of content a week, for the negotiated time of the agreement. If you do not feel as though you have this ability at this point in time, we hope you will support the other contestants who are ready to make that commitment and keep us in mind if a time comes when you are able to possibly join our team.

    … which is pretty vague. A term of contract to be negotiated, for a payment to be negotiated, and if you can’t keep up two updates a week for however long, don’t bother. I’d normally tell you to beware hidden terms in something like this (and the full contest details are at that link), but there’s just so little to base a judgement on. Um, hold out for good terms if you win?

  • Okay, that’s everything that happened today, which I hope hasn’t knocked from the public consciousness a story that was brewing over the weekend: Mark Siegel, one of the stalwarts at :01 Books (Editorial Director, in fact), has launched a new webcomic and it’s beautiful. Sailor Twain, or the Mermaid in the Hudson is running Monday/Wednesday/Friday (with a healthy launch archive all built up), and features the most gorgeous, soft, charcoal-looking art I can recall. Two men, one mythical creature, and a river with its own dose of mystery collide in 1887. Read this one now.
  • As a final followup: Andy Bell’s Android figures? Twelve designs blind-boxed in cases of sixteen, dammit. Pricing and purchase info to be announced later this month, and now I’ve got to clear space on my shelves for all of these and my wife is going to kill me. I knew following Andy down the road into vinyl toys would be my undoing.

Ohmahgosh! Thanks for the shout-out Gary! Now I just gotta live up to it. No pressure, no pressure…

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All the things I missed because I was watching the kerfluffle between Macmillan and Amazon! While it’s all about ebooks that are just text at the moment (since most of the current readers can’t handle graphics), the deals that get made and norms that get established now will no doubt extend to the comics world as more and more titles are adapted for mobile readers. For a somewhat snarky author’s viewpoint, check out John Scalzi’s take on it. Making Lighthas a nice collection of links too.

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