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I’d Like To Apologize In Advance For The Unnecessary And Improper Punnery To Come

By Scott C., as if you couldn't tell.

There’s going to be a comedy-and-art show going on in NYC tonight, for the benefit of some Haitian relief organizations; there’s some ridiculously talented people attached, so it’s ridiculously sold out, but there’s something you could get in on, were you so inclined. Namely, an art auction that accepts electronic bids. The art above (by the inimitable Scott C., so don’t even think about trying to imit him) will be part of the former, and perhaps the latter (the website appears to be running a little behind), so check back often if you want a chance at it.

One place you’ll definitely have a shot at an original by Mr C. would be his newest gallery show, entitled Everybody, all the time, kicking off in London on 4 March. Take it from me, if you go to the premiere, half the art will be sold out by the opening, so if you suspect you might like to purchase, get in touch with the gallery ahead of time for the show catalog.

  • I saw that yesterday, Webcomics Dot Com (subscription required) ran a list of places to send your press releases, and as I’m on that list, I figure a quick pro tip to make those releases more interesting is a good idea. Let’s not forget the basics — you need to tell me up front who you are, what you’re talking about, and where to find it. A couple of quotes that are ready to be cut/pasted are good. Make with the proper punctuation, spelling, an dgrammar, ’cause I ain’t spending no time making yer stuff gooder [that whole sentence: sic].

    But if you can make the press release fit the theme of whatever you’re promoting, that’s good. Case in point:

    A new semester of comics on “pictures I drew in class” has just begun! If you jump in now, you won’t have any make-up work to do later in the semester! You might even get extra credit for checking it out … and don’t worry, the past two years of comics are still online, so you can catch up if you want.

    You can find the comic [here] — and an intro to this semester [here] .

    This webcomic follows fifth-year college student Ali through the excitement of a university education. When she doesn’t pay attention in class, her grades suffer but you win!

    Featured this semester:
    -Wacky adventures in ARCH 3514: Textile Space! Will Ali hurt herself on a sewing machine? Only time will tell!
    -Serious business in REL 4324: Islam & the Modern World. Is Ali going to make it? Maybe!
    -Lots of time for drawing in COMM 3204: Multicultural Communication! Will Ali strangle someone because of the things they say in class? Probably!

    Thanks for checking it out! No Force-Add form required.

    College-experience themed strip, so references to making up work, registration, and semesters in the release. Even without reading Pictures I Drew In Class, I have some idea what the strip is about and whether or not I want to visit it.

  • From the completions/new beginnings department, Kevin Moore has wrapped up In Contempt, his self-described experiment of creating a commercially viable political webcomic, which has (in his estimation), Um, not worked out. Bummer, because there were some pretty decent cartoons along the way (with much better art than is usually found in editorial offerings), even if there was a distinct lack of Crying Statues of Liberty and overlabellings in Moore’s work.

    On the other hand, this leaves “Moore” time (ha, ha!) to work on Wanderlost (née Sheldon the Pig), which sports a new storyline (good for jumping on), new website, and perhaps a more frequent update schedule. On balance, a pretty good trade.

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