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Things which you would do well to note.

  • Evan Dahm’s done some amazing webcomicking over the years. Anybody that hasn’t taken the time to appreciate Rice Boy is lacking a key component in their education of the medium. Now counting Rice Boy, and Order of Tales, and various shorter works, Dahm yesterday finished his 1000th page of comics. You can decide for yourself if #1000 was the last page of Order of Tales chapter 11, or perhaps the last page of the latest short story, entitled The Jewel of Brambool. Any way you count it, it’s some gorgeous work, and with 1000 pages to get through, you archive bingers have a bit of work in front of you.
  • Events! Dallas Webcomics Expo 2010 will be August 21st (in Dallas, oddly enough), Webcomics Weekend 2010 will be November 6th & 7th (back at Eastworks, naturally), and there will be a new hotel show (to my knowledge, not yet named) in New Jersey in May, which looks to be attracting a number of webcomics types. More on that last one when there’s an official announcement.
  • And from Krishna Sadasivam, news of a more conference-type gathering: UP! Fair is a brand new conference specifically for independent sequential artists and publishers. The conference will be held on November 19th and 20th in Lexington, Kentucky. From their website:

    We’re thrilled to announce that November 20, 2010 will mark the first annual UP! Fair at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning in Lexington, Kentucky!

    This fair will be a free public event designed to celebrate independent creators, their works, and their philosophy. More than anyone else in creative industries, they are the ones who push the boundaries of their mediums, explore and invent new business models, and the most willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

    At this time, Up!Fair plans to feature an exhibition floor, hands-on workshops and demos for the public, and pro-level workshops for creators. Guest list, programming schedule, exhibitors registration are yet to come, but there’s a handy RSS feed for keeping up to date. Those wondering if such an ambitious undertaking can be successfully pulled, off, check the About page, where you’ll find veterans of undertakings like Sugary Serials and the Art & Story podcast. Lotta knowledge, and with a bit of luck and organizational skills, lot of benefit for attendees.

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