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Oh, Now This Is Interesting

I'm sorry. I can't do that, Dave.

Editor’s Note: The post below is preserved in its original, clumsy, only marginally useful form. A pretty extensive clarification may be found here.

From Ladies Love Cool Brad, news about why Webcomics Dot Com might be worth the thirty bucks:

Subscribers to are eligible to get tables in the Webcomics Pavilion area of the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) for a special creators’ discount of 15%, or $60 off the list price of $400.

Guigar later clarified on his twitterfeed that the tables in question are 2′ x 8′ and are not in the Artists Alley — they are in the webcomics area¹. This … this is interesting. I’ll be very intrigued if Guigar manages to line up similar sponsorship/discount packages for his subscribers. If he does, he’s just one eco-friendly tote bag away from duplicating the model of public broadcasting across the country.

In other news, we mentioned the success of Girl Genius in the online poll at The Washington Post‘s comics blog search for Best Comic of the Decade. Having see the Foglios run away with the victory, there’s now an open call for nominations for Best Webcomic of the Past Decade. Curiously, nobody has mentioned Hark A Vagrant or MS Paint Adventures yet. Perhaps one of you should remedy that.

¹ Keep in mind that C2E2 is run by Reed Exhibitions, the people behind the New York Comic Con, and the forthcoming Pax East; it’s the NYCC show that prompts me to mention this. I don’t know if it’s Reed, or just union rules at the Javits Center, but the table space there notoriously included only the space.

If you want, say, an actual table, a chair, or something plugged into an electric jack, you need to contract separately for such at rates that sit somewhere between extortion and science fiction. More than one exhibitor at NYCC was seen to buy cheap tables and chairs at local big-box stores and abandon them after the show, and still pay less money than rental would have been.

The tables in question will include an actual table. And two chairs. :)


I’m sorry things cost money.


The extra charge could just be an NYC thing. I’ve planned events in the city and the price for seemingly everything is bounded by extortion and science fiction – tables, chairs, breathable air, etc, etc.

[…] response to my discussion of Webcomics Dot Com subscribers getting a discount on tables at C2E2, where I went on a digression of how another con had some pretty hefty charges above and beyond […]

Oh, that guy!

He contacted me awhile back. I tried to do my due diligence–he said he’d worked with Penny Arcade, so I checked up to see if the name-drop was accurate–but I assume it got lost in what has to be a massive in-box over there.

Unfortunately, the e-mail I got was complete word-soup about leveraging our package to provide an outstanding fan experience or something, which probably doesn’t mean I was supposed to give a fan a blow-job, but kinda sounds like it. I figured he probably wanted money, or possibly levers.

I’m sure it’s a great idea and all, I wish them luck at their con, I just wish these people would learn to write clear lucid prose instead of marketingspeak.

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