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Birthdays And Such

I cannot wait for this book. T minus 20 days and counting.

Mr Madsen and R Stevens both celebrate their respective births today, woo. In gratitude to all of you, Stevens has unleashed a veritable cornucopia of pixellated delights: 33% off socks today, a dinoriffic t-shirt, and custom pixel portraits commissions until the end of the month. In honor of his generosity, I direct you all to what may well be Stevens’s holy book.

  • As long as we’re celebrating birthdays, one might note that Sam Brown’s Exploding Dog is now ten years old, and Registered Weapon by Gardner Linn, Chris Thorn, Dave Lentz, and Rob Simmons, is a year old. When the inevitable world-wide holiday to celebrate webcomics is someday declared, I guess that 12 January will be the natural choice.
  • Missed this last week, but it’s not yet hit the ‘sell by’ date, so I think we’re good: Ryan North got interviewed at Question Riot on the topic of his webcomics infrastructure efforts. If you were curious about Oh No Robot, RSSPECT or Project Wonderful, get yourself over there immediately.
  • Question: who, in all of [web]comickry, is nicer than Raina Telgemeier? Since the Dalai Lama doesn’t do comics, I’d gonna go with “nobody”, and you can share in the niceness in person. To celebrate the imminent release of her graphic novel (from the webcomic of the same name), SMILE, Telgemeier will be having a launch party on Saturday, 13 February at Rocketship in Brooklyn. There will be a live reading, braces-friendly food, and possibly a Valentine’s Day theme (NB: I haven’t confirmed this, but I’m pretty sure that Raina’s valentine is her husband, Dave, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up if I were you). If all that isn’t enough to entice you, the bar next door to Rocketship does outrageously good cocktails. With any luck, I’ll see you there.
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