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I Should Just Give Up And Let You All Use Twitter For Your News

Presented in teeny-weeny Eyestrain-o-Vision.

  • It seems that Our Kate (Beaton, that is) will be doing a residency at Mount Allison University, which is apparently her alma mater. Speaking personally, the day that I went back to my college to do recruiting at the career fair? It rocked, so we at Fleen wish Beaton all the best as she returns to her old stomping ground as an Official Guest of the University.
  • From Randy Milholland and Danielle Corsetto, news of a wallpaper at the Comic Creator’s Alliance to benefit Love 146 and Gracehaven, in support of the victims of human sexual trafficking. There’s a couple-zillion webcomics characters in the art, all of which was coordinated by Lora Innes. If you’ve got a few bucks you can spare for a good cause, here’s a good cause that could use a few bucks.
  • Robert Khoo tweeted about the latest Penny Arcade job listing; I’m in favor of more candor in job listings like:

    At a base-level, this is what we are looking for in a human:

    • You need to have a crazy-person level of attention to detail.
    • You should have no problems working in a creative and potentially offensive environment.
    • You have to be able to work under pressure, especially in game 5 with the score at 10-10.

    And here are some other things we’re using to weed people out. It’s not fair. I know. Life’s not fair.

    • A Bachelor’s degree is preferred. I don’t care what it’s in.
    • 2-3 years experience in a professional workplace as a designer
    • You should probably be a fan of Penny Arcade. Probably. Yeah.

    There were also a bunch of technical requirements in there which you should probably look over because I can pretty much promise you — apply without those skills, and a dozen creative and potentially offensive will laugh at you, possibly in public.

  • Finally, I think this makes the first webcomics project to actually make it to the filming stage … there have been numerous projects optioned here and there, but The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Mother (from Ryan Estrada’s webcomic of the same name) is now in production as a 90 minute animated feature. Have I missed anything prior to this point? I’m not counting things like PvP: The Series (web release) or David Malki !‘s various films (not webcomics driven), since they don’t feel like the same scope project, but I’m probably being entirely arbitrary.

There’s the Looking for Group movie that we’ve seen some tests of, but I don’t know what the latest is on it. And I don’t know if it’s gonna be feature length.

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I think you’re right about The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Mother. I haven’t seen anything else, either.

Oh! I forgot about Dasepo Naughty girls! Korean movie based on a Korean webcomic. That’d be the first wencomic movie, and the first English webcomic movie will depend on who releases first, me or Looking for Group!

Might the whole thing detailed here – – count in some way? It’s Kittyhawk talking about her discovery of a Japanese movie containing elements quite similar to her webcomic “Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki.”

Hetalia: Axis Powers, the anime of which was just picked up by Funimation for distribution in the US and Canada.

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