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Doing Better, Many Thanks To Those Of You That Asked

Allez cuisine!

Here’s what I’ve noticed of late.

  • Joey Manley — he of ComicSpace and WebcomicsNation and the Modern Tales family and such, is getting even more in the game. Not launched yet, but Manley will be writing a new webcomic about competitive cookery, with art by Tony Furtado. No name or URL to share with you yet, but as an avid fan of Iron Chef — now cruelly denied to me by the machinations of corporate fat-cats — I am officially intrigued. Seriously, all this tableau needs is Chairman Kaga and I’ll be happy.
  • Speaking of Modern Tales, Alexander Danner has some news to share on that topic:

    Gingerbread Houses begins its fourth chapter at its brand new home on the web, Gingerbread Houses is a self-contained graphic novel, and is now halfway through its two-year run in online serialization. will serve as the primary home for Danner’s comics inspired by fairy tales, fables, and children’s literature. In addition to Gingerbread Houses, it will serve as the archive for the original Picture Story Theater comics, which were illustrated by Bill Duncan and originally published on Danner’s more experimental, mainstream literary, and workplace-themed works will continue to reside at

    Gingerbread Houses updates Thursdays as MT and PST.

  • New webcomics contest: Alex Heberling, celebrating five years of drawing words & pictures for the web on 18 January, is offering fabulous prizes for fanart.
  • Gonna end on a teaser — heard some news last night about a pretty big project that (by my reading) is going to sit about midway between a trade show and ROFLcon. I should be able to bring you something more concrete in a week or two, and you might want to check your calendars for the fall, see if anything’s going on ’round Halloween. That’s all I can say now.
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