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For Those Having Difficulty Commenting

Seriously, what's with all the offers of dissertations these days? Whatever happened to boner pills?

The unusually high volume of comments on a particular recent post from people without a history of posting at Fleen has made the spam filters go a bit wacky. If you’ve had your comments disappear (it’s happened to several posters) or are getting denial notices when you try to post, please use the contact page to let us know and we’ll clear that up.

This has happened before, during The Great Todd Goldman/Dave Kelly Contretemps Of Aught-Seven and during the MyFridj story. The only real alternatives to this occasional unpleasantness are:

  1. Requiring moderation on all comments
  2. Requiring accounts for all posters
  3. Allowing a flood of blogspam

The first is a pain for me, the second is a pain for you, and the third is an offense against God, Man, Nature, or whatever you personally believe. So we’ll have these situations from time to time, apologize in advance, and thank you for your patience.

Oh, man. Gary, I think you need to keep the above post for the sake of irony.

For those wondering about Christopher’s comment, it was spam. I can’t abide the stuff, and it’s gone now.

But I agree that the irony was delicious.

Could I have the “Irony Lite”? Tastes great and irritates just the same, without the bloating….

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