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Catching Up

Note to self: be *extremely* polite to Otter from now on.

Occurrences came and went while I was limited in my ability to browse:

  • There was that Zingerding thing (and can I ask as we move out of the 2000-single digits and approach the 2000-teens, can we stop naming our internet startups with completely stupid names?) that popped up. Brad Guigar did a pretty good job of expressing the requisite skepticism after the initial announcement, and an even better one dissecting the (very preliminary) contract terms. My guess is that by this time last year, we’ll have forgotten about this particular Hey Kids! Webcomics! attempt.
  • A Girl And Her Fed wrapped up a couple months of fighty scenes (starting here-ish) with a lesson or two:
    1. If your protagonist finds a new toy, and the villain breaks it, don’t be surprised to see said villain suffer a righteous ass-handing.
    2. Wrapping up months of fighty scenes and watching the Big Bad get her comeuppance on strip #666? Awesome.
  • New Platinum Grit! Seems to me like the very irregular update schedule is getting a bit quicker these days; it’s only been since May that the last issue dropped, and previously there were droughts of entire, multiple years. If you can’t get enough of Trudy Cooper’s art between updates, may I suggest Oglaf (NSFW; Very NSFW; really, about as supremely NSFW as you could get and not feel like you had to shower or go to church and atone afterwards, but very, very funny) which is approximately weekly?
  • Oh wow. Wow. Everybody check out The Nerds of Paradise right now.
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