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Still Time To Be My Friend

Cheesecake. Cheeeeesecaaaaake.

‘Cause this is the time of year that my friends are provided with astonishingly good (if I do say so myself) full-fat baked goods. Nummers!

  • Speaking of being friends, Paul Abbamondi does a little thing called My Life Comics; over the weekend, he proposed to his girlfriend in that space. The bad news is that she is now his ex-girlfriend; the good news is that she’s now his <Holly Hunter voice>fi-anse</Holly Hunter voice>. Webcomics: a force for both good and attaching yourself in a life-long manner to totally awesome ladies.
  • Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Cartoon Art Musuem, whose association with webcomickry is extensively chronicled on this page. We at Fleen salute the fine work done by CAM, which includes:

    [T]he collection, preservation and display of original cartoon art in all its forms. Today, the Cartoon Art Museum is still serving the San Francisco Bay Area and the artistic community through exhibitions, community outreach and public programming. A full and exciting roster of exhibitions and programs are being prepared for the coming year, and we are very thankful for all of the support and encouragement that we have received over the past 25 years, and look forward to continuing to fulfill our mission statement as it was conceived back in 1984.

    In a stunning coincidence, the anniversary happens to coincide with the start of their annual fund drive; if you’re looking to snag a last-minute deduction on your taxes, there’s far worse places to donate a couple bucks. C’mon, you got the money to drop on a fancy-ass Starbucks drink, you can spare a tenner for the cause.

  • Finally, I was going to comment on how Brad Guigar was noting the crossing of the 3000 strip mark in the Greystone Inn/Evil, Inc. continuum, and I was gonna get all smartass about how if you count his emergency auxilliary classy strip and his world’s only sex strip that doesn’t show sex, ol’ Brad had hit the Big Round Number of 3357. Then he went and did the math himself, leaving me without a lede. Thanks, Brad, and “congratulations”¹.

¹ See if you get any cheesecake, mister. Rassa-frassin’ stealing my bit.

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