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Three More Days, Three More Days

Is it just me, or is the "318" actually more impressive than the "13,195"?

Internet at home, the single busiest weekend of the year — teaching, next step to getting an emergency medical qualification, and a fundraising breakfast that involved a seven hour kitchen shift. Yeesh. So if there’s anything really new going on in webcomickry I’m a little behind; here’s some stuff you may or may not have heard before.

  • Congrats to Gordon McAlpin on the Multiplex kick-starting; I didn’t read the email annoucing the imminent deadline on the project in time to give everybody one last shot at getting in on the action (which was Friday), but I can now confidently state that McAlpin (my $1 bet adversary) has achieved 176% of his $7500 goal, so that’s all right.

    Because Gord’s a stand-up guy, he also pointed out that those wanting to fund Spike‘s Poorcraft project still have a week to do so (at this point, the book is so well funded that more money means more copies that Spike will be giving away to various economic-helping-type organizations; at present, 100 copies are so earmarked for donation.

    Also, there’s still a month to go to get in on cheap copies of the Tigerbuttah we-can’t-call-it-a-Little-Golden-Book-but-that’s-what-it-is. XX-man has a list of other projects from the community; bet you can find something you’d like over there.

  • Not to make this an all-Xerexes, all-the-time edition, but the ComixTalk Year End Roundtable, Woo is up. Garrity! Santo! Alverson! Carlson! Badman! Fesworks! Woodruff! Some random hack!
  • Finally got around to watching the video interview of Julia Wertz talking about not having insurance that’s been making the rounds for the past couple weeks. Compelling stuff, but then I broke the cardinal rule of the internet and read comments and now I have a headache. Watch the video if you haven’t, don’t scroll down the page to where the stupid begins.
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