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Week One Of No ‘Net: Finishing; Week Two Starts Monday

Stossel's got the exclusive, so this is as detailed a representation I can share with you for the moment.
Here’s a couple of things to tide you over:

  • I think this is going to be a standard thing in the future: the exhibitor’s list for TCAF ’10 as Twitter list. Easy to update to reflect changes, and more than just a static blurb, there’s interaction with the exhibitors for the fans.
  • A pair of new webcomics inspired by videogames noted today: via occasional Fleen contributor Jeff Lowrey points us towards a new casual-gaming strip from James Francis of Babylon Sticks. And via the XX-Man’s Twitterfeed a Team Fortress webcomic; this one’s got a story and every damn thing! It appears to be a one-off, providing a bit of color to a game event, but what the heck — the idea of a thoroughly evil woman egging these murderous teams on at each other for her own nefarious purposes certainly puts a new spin on the game.
  • Mike Ciccotello is a guy I met at my local bookstore, at one of Patrick McDonnell approximately-annual does a talk/readings. Mike has done a bunch of [web]comics (initially as a strip, more recently of the editorial variety), and spends the occasional day as Brad Guigar’s convention henchman. Just you’re average, everyday Renaissance Man with a day job and a wife who thinks he’s pretty nifty and an unusual venue for his latest art.

    So there’s this guy named John Stossel, right? Once upon a time he was a “expose the scammer” type of television journalist type, and lately he’s just kind of a libertarian who doesn’t believe in regulation; whatever you think of his politics or his reporting, he sports a formidable moustache. He’s got a new show on Fox Business, and for an upcoming piece he’ll be running portraits by Ciccotello of characters from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

    Ayn Rand is one of those writers whose appeal escapes me utterly (and also must bear responsibility for the existence of the “Objectivist Club” at RPI, whose members during my graduate education pissed me off more than any other human beings that I’ve met in person, with the exception of Jack Thompson), but Ciccotello’s artwork is really nice. The plan was for them to run last night, but I gather that Stossel decided to celebrate the opening of the Copehagen conference by talking about how global warming is a good thing. As soon as the story airs, we’ll share the art with you.

On the 11th at 10 PM EST, Fox Business will air the Climate Change episode of Stossel. You can see me in the studio audience.

The Ayn Rand episode (taped on the 8th) will air later, possibly next Thursday at 8 PM or the Thursday after if they opt to air the Health Care episode second. I’m in the studio audience for both of those, too!

Stossel is very awesome. A nice guy who’s well spoken and done a lot to create free educational materials for teachers.

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