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For Everyone That Ever Said My Kid Could Do That

Let me stress this point: this drawing was done on an iPhone.

So Cameron Stewart (who is not Kristen Stewart‘s brother, so please stop emailing him asking for her) spent most of a month in Europe with his studiomates; they went many places and saw many people and drew many neato things and drank a lot. But maybe the most interesting thing was done as the iPhone equivalent of finger-painting — not wanting to weigh himself down with sketchbooks, he used Brushes for the iPhone to do some really interesting work. Go check ’em out and ask yourself if you could do that with the tip of your little finger; I sure as hell couldn’t.

  • Schlock Mercenary iPhone app approved, available now. Those of us on Android suck, I guess.
  • My one must-buy item every Christmas is the new pack of Wondermark calendar cards; they’re back!
  • The MoCCA Art Festival of Aught-Nine had some problems, nobody is disputing that. There needs to be a much more smoothly-running show this year, or it may well be in danger of shedding the higher-profile exhibitors. In order to deal with the heat problem, the show is moving almost two months forward, to 9 & 10 April. And programming organization has been started good and early, the better to get a well-developed curriculum put together. The Panel Director will be Brian Heater, editor and founder of the alternative comics review and interview site, The Daily Cross Hatch; the Program Director will be Jeff Newalt, the “Minister of Hype” of ACT-I-VATE; more on both from MoCCA:

    [Heater’s] writing has appeared in Spin, The Onion, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Press, The Oklahoma Gazette, The Metro Santa Cruz, Heeb, Skyscraper, Rockpile, DIW, Comic Foundry, and various other magazines and websites. He also works as a senior editor at PC Magazine.

    Newelt is comics editor of SMITH, Heeb, and Royal Flush magazines. He is editor / producer of The Pekar Project on SMITH as well as a PR / social media consultant for clients including Paul Pope, Doug Rushkoff, DJ Spooky, Molly Crabapple, CBLDF, Rick Veitch, Larry Marder, NBM Publishing and other comics / culture / media superheroes.

    So hopefully, that’s all right. They won’t be able to do anything about logistical anomalies, but a strong set of programming tracks will go a long way to re-establishing the show’s greatness. We at Fleen look forward to seeing how they do.

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