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Guest Strip ^ 2

Also, I really like how Kurtz draws women with different body types and faces; there's a gangly-ness in late teen/early twenties ladies that he captures really well.

Is this a first? I think it might be a first. Scott Kurtz needs to show a character’s comic strip work in-story, and he got KC Green to supply the art. Having a completely different artist (with a different aesthetic and different approach to humor) provide in-continuity work in this fashion is something with enormous potential and I’d love to see how other webcomics might use this approach.

  • Speaking of Kurtz and Green, they’ll be guests of the Webcomics Rampage next weekend in Austin, with some of the luminaries of the medium doing the in-store meet/greet thing. Those of you in Texas, check it out. Those of you in Portland, Legends of Webcomics takes place at Dunning-Kruger Solutions (i.e.: Meredith & Aaron’s studio) this Saturday, with more luminaries. Finally, every remaining webcomics luminary will be at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco for Monsters of Webcomics: Webcomic-Con 2009 on Saturday the 12th. If your favorite creators aren’t at any of these, I guess they just aren’t luminous enough.
  • Just over a day remains to buy yourself (or a loved one) a sort-of guest appearance in Schlock Mercenary; let’s let my evil twin tell the story:

    The upcoming “Mallcop Command” chapter will feature several human side-characters, all of whom need names. In the spirit of giving, we’ve decided to auction off the rights to put your name (or a friend’s name) on one of those characters. The proceeds of these auctions will benefit the Utah County Family Support and Treatment Center, which helps families in crisis and works to prevent abuse. The winner of each auction will supply the name, and Howard will decide how to apply it. This is a great gift for that hard-to-shop-for Schlock fan in your life.

    Please note that unlike corporations buying naming rights to things like the local sports stadium, there’s no guarantee that your namesake will be around for the long haul; Tayler reserves the right to kill off any/all of these background players in horrible and/or amusing ways. More details of what you get if you’re the winner at Tayler’s blog, and the auctions themselves are handily aggregated onto one page here. As of press time, the auctions have raised a hair over $375; it would be nice to hit a nice round number like $500.

  • Yeah, can’t really work the “guest” theme into this one; Alice Hunt of Goodbye Chains needs some assistance to make a shared resource complete:

    As a service to our readers, we’ve been working on a little project for a while now: a comprehensive listing of historical webcomics. We’d like it to be exhaustive, but the Internet is vast and wide, and I’m sure there’s plenty we don’t have on the list. Could we enlist your help (and maybe the help of your readers) in fleshing it out?

    If you’re aware of comics that we missed, would you be so kind as to let us know?

    That would be webcomics with a theme/subject matter that’s historical in nature, not webcomics that are themselves history-making. You’ll get the idea, just take a peek at the list and let the GC crew know of any they should add.

Aw, for craps sake. I did that same Kool-Aid Man gag here. I don’t believe anyone ripped me off, or that the joke is all that original. But still… for craps sake.

There is an Overcompensating where Weedmaster P draws the final panel and the art was hand-drawn by R. Stevens. It’s not exactly like the PvP thing, but it’s close.

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