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Birthdays? Not So Bad

But who could have sent it to me? Such a mystery!

I took off from blogulation on Friday, which happened to be my birthday; I mention this only because I want to mention a present that I received, namely an animated GIF of Wil Wheaton wearing the scary clown sweater, driving the (black, windowless panel van) Candy Mobile. The world will forever wonder at the identity of the giver, although some may harbor suspicions.

  • Once again — the power of MOUSTACHE. Don’t mess with us, man.
  • Meredith Gran is again doing a series of paintings to mark the holiday season. Last year it was eight originals up for grabs (which often went in mere minutes after being posted); this year, there will be Twelve Days of Hipsters, starting with today’s (already sold, sorry) Twelve Inch Records. On a related note, may I point out despite having raised her game and skill considerably in the past year, Gran has actually dropped her prices? Start camping her site and snag up the ones you want before she realizes this tactical error.
  • In this season of goodwill and giving, may I point out that Kiva Team Webcomics (in existence a mere 298 days as of today) has (to date) 613 members, made 1514 loans, for a total of US$64,525? Or if your charitable giving is less of the entrepreneur microfinancial bent, this year’s Child’s Play is currently sitting somewhere north of US$750,000? Just thought I’d mention.
  • It might be easier to mention creators that aren’t Kickstarting their webcomickry these days, but just for kicks (oh my Darwin, I think I caught The Guigar) I’ll mention one more — after this point, we’ll just assume if you gots a book or other project, there’s a funding mechanism. ANYhoo, Kel McDonald jumped in with both feet, looking to make a full-size, full-color book.

Okay, that’s it. Time to start combing through the past week’s mail. Have a good one.

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