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Discovered Via Twitter

If you don't laugh just thinking about this episode, we can't ever be friends.

There will be a time, probably not too far distant, when this page and I will no longer be necessary; just follow enough people on Twitter and you’ll get all the webcomics amuse/amazement you require. Also, for some reason I appear to be typing poorly today, with way too many vowels showing up in words; my apologies if I don’t catch them all before publishing.

  • So, Box Brown has been doing a fair amount of stuff outside his Bellen! comics, with a print projects oriented blog to go along with his print projects. Now Brown (Xeric grantee for Love Is A Peculiar Type Of Thing) is looking to kickstart a pair of dead-tree comics with, uh, Kickstarter:

    I love webcomics and love creating my webcomic but I also have a passion for print comics. So, I publish print comics every few month that do not appear on the web. I keep a blog documenting the progress of my print work. My current project is called Everything Dies. I’ve always envisioned the project to be ongoing with the first two issues being companion pieces.

    Everything Dies will feature three stories, including a retelling of the Book of Job, a series of shorts about a young Buddhist monk, and various myths from around the world about how the began and how it will end. The peldge campaign has 52 days to go and for anybody out there that collects original artwork, original pages are available at a number of the pledge levels.

  • Still in the realm of books, Jess Fink (it’s so good to do a story on her that doesn’t involve her designs getting ripped off by corporate hawkers of wearables) shared some good news with us a few hours ago, namely, Chester 5000 and We Can Fix It are getting published, by Top Shelf no less:

    It’s been a really rough couple of years for me where nothing seemed to go right. I’ve also got a ridiculously demanding and frustrating day job that requires long ours and lots of hair pulling. All this stuff just made me feel like I couldn’t hack it and I was failing at making comics my real job. So this influx of good news all of a sudden has sort of held me in shock.

    I’ve had a hard time talking about this with people because it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I don’t know how to express that without feeling like I am bragging or a douche. Maybe I’m just so used to complaining!

    Anyway, if you want to check it out the books are listed in Top Shelf’s 2010 publishing schedule! EXCITE BIKE!!!

    Yep, there they are in August, right between Jeffrey Brown (Incredible Change-Bots, vol 2) and Alex Robinson (Tricked, 3rd printing). Pretty good company you’re keeping these days, Ms. Fink.

  • Finally, thanks to the first (and thankfully, so far only) mecosplayer, Emily Vasseur, I now know about a webcomic with which I was not previously familiar, one that know what this season of Thanksgiving is all about: vicious, turkey-based retribution on oppressors. There is some seriously beautiful work in Lead Paint by Mike Cornnell and Dana Wulfekotte; so pretty to look at, a manageable archive (it appears to have started about 7 months back), and hand-turkeys. Always hand-turkeys (oh, the humanity). In fact, any strip with Kid Avery is pretty much gold. Gonna be keeping my eye on this one.

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