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Friday, At Last

Pretty sure this was the last Heinlein book that made any damn sense; painting by the incomparably talented Michael Whelan.

So, the Friends of Lulu annual Lulu Awards got announced, and three webcomickers are among the honorees: Kate Beaton took the Kim Yale Award For Best New Talent, Danielle Corsetto is the Lulu of the Year, and Paul Taylor is now a Lu-Dude, as his Monica Villarreal was named Best Female Character. Congrautlations all ’round!

In other news (and I got a mountain of it backlogged right now):

  • Although best known for Bellen!, Box Brown also does print comics work, and has a new blog about same. Very production-oriented, for those of you that like such things (I like such things).
  • Last year it was Sean Tevis in Kansas, this year it’s Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf in Missouri that’s using webcomics to support a run for political office; key difference: Ladendorf was a webcartoonist prior to the run. Maybe. Let’s give him the floor for a moment:

    In the introduction of his campaign site, the candidate is wearing a mousekateer hat and his icon for discussing gun control is an AK47 on a leash with spiked collar. Even with this ‘edu-taining’ approach the candidate takes on some serious topics such as abortion and abolishing the federal reserve. Ladendorf is quick to point out “The site will continue to grow with the campaign. I have more to say and I’ll draw on this reservoir of additional issues as soon as the artist in me deems them presentable.”

    I’d love to tell you more about Ladendorf as a webcartoonist, but all I can say for certain right now is:

    • The “AK47” appears to actually be an M-16
    • The site is pretty sparse

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — if you’re going to put a category header on your site, having one line of text that says “thus and such will go here someday when I get around to it” doesn’t cut it, especially if that section is labelled “Bio” and you’re running for political office. So if/when that section ever gets filled in, we’ll point you to Ladendorf-the-webcartoonist. Until then, this might be his artsite, but all the links appear to be dead so your guess is as good as mine.

  • As Al Schroeder of Mindmistress surmises, I don’t really read superhero webcomics (the last one I read was the late, lamented Skirting Danger), so I was unaware that a half-dozen or so of them are engaged in a crossover that will change everything, redefine superheroics, etc. … everything the big Event Crossovers from Marvel and DC do, except this one will end without leading directly into the next, perpetually-recurring, everything-will-change-again crossover. Thus: CROSSOVERLORD, which has included some over-crossing to non-superhero webcomics here and there. Check it out at your leisure.
  • Joshua Smeaton got a Xeric grant for Haunted, the spooktacular webcomic where it’s Halloween and you’re 12 again and the scares are a bit too real. The printed version (which is, of course the purpose of the Xerics) is now available for order through your friendly local comic shop or bookstore. $12.95, ISBN 978-0-615-31563-8, or order code NOV090896 in the November Previews catalog.

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Thanks for the mention. Yeah, CROSSOVERLORD’s a CRISIS-like story—except we’re actually having FUN with it, no pretension of changing things forever, etc. Hopefully in the process exposing some of the superhero readers to some of the better webcomics out there, like GUNNERKRIGG COURT and GIRL GENIUS.

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