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Good News, Everybody!

You thought I was going to use Professor Farnsworth with that title, didn't you? Nope, continuing my series of "Famous Gordons".

So much good to get to; let’s jump straight in, shall we?

  • As we mentioned yesterday, the new Tastefully Done calendar is now on sale, and it’s chock full of webcomicky nudery. Quick clarification, though — yesterday we mentioned some of Mike Rouse-Deane’s previous projects in support of Make-A-Wish International, but the TD series of calendars supports Cancer Research UK.
  • New resource for librarians, from the library-themed webcomic: Unshelved Answers. Pretty full-featured forum that’s been put together, too, complete with badges indicating the accomplishments of the poster, and a reputation score. Interestingly, as of this writing, Unshelved writer Gene Ambaum has a reputation of 238, and Unshelved artist Bill Barnes has a reputation of 98. In cold, hard, objective, numerical terms, this means that Ambaum is 2.429 times as worthy a person as Barnes; sources familiar with both persons agree that’s about right.
  • Hooray, gonna get married — Fleen sends congratulations to Striptease creator and Punch an’ Pie artist Chris Daily.
  • Hooray, a new kid — Fleen sends congratulations to DC VP of Creative Services (and ultimately, Boss-King of Zuda) Ron Perazza and his now larger family.
  • Hooray, the get-out-the-vote campaign worked — Commissioner James Gordon Hastings is now in the finals of the Cutest Dog Competition. Three of the four finalist dogs will be awarded $5000, and one — the Official Cutest Dog — will take home one million dollars (over three decades or so, don’t expect him to get a pimped-out water dish or anything). At this point, it’s all down to the judges, who will announce the winner in two weeks; in the meantime, I think we can all agree on one thing: Gordon good boy!
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