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Gank A Big Hooler

Your assignment: work "Gank a big hooler" into conversation today. Off you go.

The brilliant thing about Gank A Big Hooler is, it can mean anything. And that means the second Wednesday of November is officially Gank A Big Hooler Day here at Fleen.

  • Gank a big hooler, let’s talk more about bars: Aussie (Melburnian, to be precise) Ben Hutchings does a bar-story themed webcomic called Tales From The Pub — it’s all about stories that take place (or are told to Hutchings) in pubs, clubs, and drinking circumstances, and are described by Hutchings as:

    [S]hamelessly peurile, often stomach churning, obscene and true

    Think about the old Pathetic Geek Stories strip that used to run in The Onion‘s print edition. Updates twice a week, with plenty of schadenfreude to go around.

  • Gank a big hooler, we brought up Mike Rouse-Deane‘s Guest Strip Project the other day, which is just one of his multitude of projects to benefit the Make-a-Wish International Foundation. It being near the end of the calendrical year, Rouse-Deane is back with a new iteration of the naked webcomics calendar, Tastefully Done. Look for a launch later this week, complete with promo pics. Having seen a sneak peek of said pics, I can state authoritatively there’s some prime cheesecake, beefcake, and, um, crittercake on deck.
  • Gank a big hooler, webcomickers do find interesting ways to support themselves. Case in point, Rachel Keslensky of Last Res0rt (vampires/furries/reality TV shows … in space), has launched a campaign whereby donations (towards printing the first trade volume) result in cameo appearances. There’ve been similar implementations of this idea (notably, Krishna Sadasivam’s cheerfully capitalist approach to product placement — where the product is you), but I can’t recall such being done to fund self-publishing.
  • Gank a big hooler, that’s some long-haul dedication on the part of Paul Gadzikowski, as Arthur, King of Time and Space, hit its 2000th consecutive daily update yesterday:

    Today AKOTAS has 2000 updates. They haven’t always been my work (five out of two thousand have been guest art), and they haven’t always had punchlines. But, since AKOTAS started two thousand days ago, there’s been something new here for every day.

    So yeah — somebody tell TV Tropes that they need to update the AKOTAS entry under Webcomics Long Runners.

  • Finally, it’s Veteran’s Day, or Remembrance Day, or some variation, commemorating the end of The Great War, and how we all thought it would be the last one. However you may choose to remember or honor those who have fallen, there’s a bit of audio I went back to listen to today, one bit of private loss and remembrance that was shared with the world. From The Moth Radio Hour, episode 1, the third story (no direct link, so start about the 29:00 mark and be ready to have the breath sucked out of you).

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by lastres0rt: Sweet! Got a mention in Fleen about the cameo drive!

I just now updated TV Tropes “Webcomics Long Runners” for AKOTAS.

I’ve been offering cameo appearances in the (self-published) Multiplex print collection as pledge rewards in my Kickstarter fundraising project for the past couple of months now.

Good on you, Gordon!

‘Course, there’s a lot to be said for doing something… and a lot more to be said for doing it and remembering to tell people you did it, too. :-p

Thanks again for the mention, Gary!

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