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Monday. Things. You Know How It Is.

I have an iPod, though, and its screens look sorta like this. That makes me cool enough to eat lunch with you, right? Right? Dang.

First off, did everybody see this? Thanks to the generosity of various sponsors (large and small), Child’s Play 2009 started out of the gate with $260,000. Please note that this is not an excuse to not give, figuring that Google‘s got your contribution all taken care of.

Speaking of charitable efforts, there’s something that you really need to see: Starthrower in Haiti is a new, twice-a-week webcomic that exists solely to raise money for the Starthrower Foundation, which sponsors young Haitian adults who wish to complete their education and/or apprenticeship.

It’s created by Daniel Lafrance, a Canadian storyboard artist, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s a soft, pencil-ish quality to the colors, mixed in with a masterful sense of character design that’s neither too fussy nor too simple; think Herge’s ligne claire¹ and you’ve got a pretty good idea what it looks like. Check out what’s likely the only charity-dedicated webcomic since the now-folded Guest Strip Project.

  • It’s November, and that means it’s National Novel Writing Month; you probably know somebody that’s giving it a go, and in case you don’t, head over to Help Desk and check out the widgets showing word count progress. Alternately, check out Later by Darcie Frederick; the webcomic’s been doing weekly updates for about a year now, but now it kicks into high gear as Frederick’s decided to tackle NaNoWriMo by doing 30 comics in 30 days. She’s, uh, actually a couple days behind right now, but I’m pretty confident she’ll catch up.

    Oh, did I mention that Later is the most trope-busting post-apocalypse webcomic you’re ever likely to see? No gangs fighting over the remains of civilization, no zombies, no widespread destruction. Just very few people, a lot of melancholy, and a cat named Simon. I like Simon.

  • Did somebody say webcomics iPhone app? I know, I know, you can’t spit these days without coming across some RSS scraper or other, but there are two you might be interested in. Howard Tayler (my evil twin — or am I his?) has a call out for those interested in beta testing the Schlock Mercenary iPhone app.

    And Onezmui & Harknell, the creator/techie couple behind Stupid & Insane Defenders Against Chaos and My Annoying Life have released an iPhone app to aggregate all their various content (multiple strips, blogs, and podcasts) with a twist:

    We’re also making a (Stupid and Insane) offer to other webcomics–get your own version of our app for your comic for free! We’ve always tried to give back to the community and this is our biggest offer so far. More info on the service is here.

    Short version: it’s a service to allow creators build their own iPhone apps and get ’em in the iTunes store. Right now it’s based off the “Central” app (cf: “Chaos Central”, about 5cm up the screen), which is a consolidator of whatever kinds of content you put out that can be accessed via RSS or XML. I got to play around with Chaos Central a few weeks ago, and it’s pretty slick.

    Of course, as the owner of a G1 and not an iPhone, I can only hope that the collective nerdgasms last week over the new Motorola Droid means that there will be more interest in developing such apps in the future for the Android O/S. Until then, I guess all us Android users will have to eat lunch over here and someday ours will be the cool table. So there.

¹ If anybody out there has the family name “Ligne”, I will pay you ten dollars American cash money to name any daughter you might have “Claire”.

Starthrower’s pretty impressive work.

Another bit of news – Dana Simpson of the Ozy and Millie and Raine Dog webcomics has just won Amazon’s Comic Strip Superstar contest. (Sorry if this comes up twice – I think my first post fell foul of the spam-filter.)

Thanks for the kind words regarding my fundraising webcomic Gary, much appreciated!

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