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I Can Not Work In An Environment Which Requires Me To Deal With Mustard In Any Capacity

Guess this place is off your list, then.

Via Mighty God King. Just because it’s the greatest non sequitur since Moustache, that’s why.

  • More things happening next weekend, this time north of the border in Montréal, as Least I Could Do and Looking For Group bossguy Ryan Sohmer opens up his very own comic book store. Okay, The 4th Wall (should that be Le Quatrième Mur?) has been open for a few weeks now, and Shopkeep Sohmer now has enough of a handle on things to throw the Grand Opening (ouverture grande) on the 14th of November (le 14ème novembre). It’s listed on the Facebook event page as Party – Erotic Party, which just sorta makes the kind of sense that isn’t. Anyhoo, 940 St Jean in Pointe-Claire, out by the airport.
  • Also on the calendar, not webcomics per se, but likley of interest to anybody that does them — the Cartoon Art Museum is presenting a talk & signing around a new book that chronicles the creation of the first animated Christmas special, Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol:

    Mr. Magoo and Charles Dickens may have seemed like an odd match at the time but Americans of a certain age will remember that the pairing resulted in bit of pure magic. Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol was the first-ever animated Christmas special, and is now the subject of a splendid new book by Darrell Van Citters.

    With a sterling cast, whimsical animation and Broadway-caliber score all wrapped around Dickens’ timeless tale, Magoo became a fixture of the holiday season in the 1960s, but today is all but forgotten.

    I guess that means that I’m “of a certain age”, since I haven’t forgotten it. I’ll wager that more than one person significantly younger than me also remembers Razzleberry Dressing, right? Right?

    Dang. I’m old. If you’re old (or just want to get in touch with a bit of prime early-60s weirdness, which probably subconsciously influenced a webcomicker or two), Darrell Van Citters will be speaking at the museum on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 from 7:30 to 9:00pm, signing to follow.

  • Okay, so I’m old (not to unduly alarm anybody, but I’ll be turning 42 in three weeks), but one thing I’m not is balding. That’s why you should be aware that I am definitely not featured in this. Pretty damn funny (thought possibly NSFW, depending on where you W) and depressingly accurate; you should see the PR stuff that I get and don’t run. Anybody sees Josh Lesnick around, give him a high-five for me.
  • Finally, heads up for everybody who likes things that rule: The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs has made the transition from webcomic to paper issues, and now its first trade reprint book is up for pre-order. As is often the case, creators Lauren Monardo and Stephen Lindsay are self-publishing, and so need as many pre-orders as possible so they can afford to print the damn thing. Head on over, check out the previews and guest strips, and support ’em if you like ’em. Hint: You’re going to like ’em.

I remember Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. I remember that I’d never seen a curtain call before.

When you turn 42 you will be the Ultimate Answer. But only for a year.

I have to say, The Slightly Askew Adventures of Ham & Eggs Vol. One is going to be awesome. I’ve got all three books, they are witty and fun to read, and Lauren kills it visually. It is just a fun comic – I highly recommend it.

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