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Attention Robocallers, I Already Voted, Please Die Now

I think they're both about to achieve Super Saiyan.

A damn good interview with Erika Moen went up the other day, and you should watch it (part 1, part 2) because she (that would be Moen) tells a story that needed to be told. It’s a story about a printing company (which she graciously does not name, but is not Transcontinental, about which Moen has nothing to say but good things) that screwed her (again, Moen) sideways on the first printing of her book.

This leads to certain questions that you should ask your printer, including, After accepting my book, will individual employees that decide they don’t like my content be able to veto actually printing the damn thing? and If you have to shift this to a Canadian plant so that I can make deadline, and it costs more because of your actions, will you be holding my books hostage until I pay more than we originally contracted for? The whole thing is good, but that section (near the end of part one) is crucial.

  • What’s that you say? Tiny Kitten Teeth wants to do a book about Tigerbuttah in the style of a Golden Book? And they need your help over at Kickstarter to make it happen? Get goin’ people. Disclaimer 1: I have a personal relationship with Becky and Frank, as they went to college with my niece (and are rockin’ awesome people). Disclaimer 2: I have pledged to this project and have a vested interest in other people supporting it so I can get some damn cool stuff out of it. Antidisclaimer: It’s a freakin’ GOLDEN BOOK. What in hell are you waiting for?
  • Tweet Me Harder goes live on stage, for free, on November 14th in Holllllywood (like Bullwinkle always said, you have to pronounce that word like it’s got four or five “L”s). Kris Straub! David Malki !! Special guests! I live on the wrong coast! Crap!
  • Aw, poo. Looks like I missed something for a few weeks now. See, the “fold” of the Planet Karen website falls right below the comic (on my monitor, at least), so I hadn’t seen the newspost that falls below the fold. Seems like the long-awaited first PK book is now available, and I hadn’t known, so I am very late in sharing this news with you. Sorry. You can go here to buy it (warning: the store uses scary monetary units called “pounds sterling”, which are totally not dollars at all; don’t be nervous, you can still buy the book).

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