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Resolved: That The Uninflected “What” Is The Funniest Single Word In The English Language

Time to share.

No reason, just felt like getting that out there.

  • For those of you that keep track of such things, Child’s Play gears up for another year (that woud be the seventh) of giving and good deeds. Last year’s giving (coming on the heels of the global economic meltdown’s start) was $1,434,377 (US). Let’s see if this year (coming at the end of a full year-plus of global economic crapitude) we can do as well. There’s already more than half a dozen IRL and virtual events for the cause, and more on the way.
  • The last one was a success, so the fine (for certain values of “fine) people (for certain values of “people”) at TopatoCo are bringing out Open House/Sales Event Mark II.0 a week from Saturday (that would be November 14th), from noon to 6:00pm local time (that would be Eastern Standard). This time they’ve added that Awkward Stare-Fest aspect to the event, and I will pay one dollar American Cash Money to the first person that stares at any TopatoCoian enough that it becomes awkward for all involved. But for your own safety, I advise you keep such tactics to the cartoonists and not to TopatoCo VP Holly Post — rumor has it she bites when provoked.
  • It’s a good day in webcomicdom when something completely unexpected hits my frontal lobes. When it happens twice (at opposite ends of the day’s trawl list), it’s extra good with creamy nougat in the center. In case you hadn’t seen it, Achewood gets the Tony Millionaire treatment (lacking only the magic words, Dook Dook Dook) and XKCD borrows a page from Edward Tufte (lacking only sufficient resolution on most monitors; click here to embiggen). Oh, and before any of you start the righteous nerdfury about Elrond meeting the Fellowship after the departure from Rivendell, please note that the comic clearly states it’s for the movie version. Thank you.
  • Continuing a tradition that goes back to Garry Trudeau‘s pioneering work (started in the late 70s), Chris Yates engages in a little investigative cartooning today. Lest you think that the scandal he’s unearthed is invented for the sake of a gag, allow me to point you empirical proof: The Survey Is A Lie. He will get to the truth!

I wonder about the origins of the uninflected What. I suspect Ryan North as the first to commit it to print.

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