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“Reading Cult Propaganda Through A Film Of Animal Urine Is The New Fox News”

Ultraviolet Thunder (Immortal Master of Eagles) and Glorious Ranger are totally gonna pull a "Thelma & Louise" in that van.

If Chris Onstad wrote nothing more than alt-text for Achewood, it would still be better than most of what’s on the internet. The Lash of Thanatos kind of petered out at the end, but the very next strip (on strip-club etiquette) started a chain of events that led to Todd becoming Kim Jong-Il’s flunky in a new country called PEOPLE’S KINGDOM OF ECSTACY AND WRATH! (complete with Malkian exclamation point) in an early-80s text adventure game. Also, there is a van, and peeling out. Reading back over the past month, it’s perfectly logical that we wound up here.

  • Couple things are probably pretty likely if you read this-here blog:
    1. You are aware of the fine work done by the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco (guy in charge: Andrew Farago)
    2. You are a fan of Pixar‘s work (readers of good conscience may disagree on Cars)

    Bunky, you are about to see those two things combined:

    The Cartoon Art Museum is delighted to host its sixth annual benefit on Saturday, November 14, 2009 at Pixar Animation Studios. This year, there are two great ways to experience the magic of Pixar up close and personal at the studio’s Emeryville home:

    The Family Fun Tier (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

    Entry includes the chance to get up close and personal to rarely seen Toy Story art, sculptures, and other items from the Pixar archives and experience a gallery exhibition featuring stunning pre-production artwork from Up. [M]embers will also be able to participate in a Silent Auction to bid on original and signed works by Pixar creators. Pixar artists will be on hand to teach kids how to draw Pixar characters ,[and] a selection of Pixar short films will be showing in Pixar’s state-of-the-art screening room in a continuous loop.

    Tickets are $35 for an individual or $100 for a Family Four Pack, which includes entry for 2 adults and 2 children under 18 (or 1 adult and 3 children).

    The VIP Screening Tier (11:00 am — 4:00 pm)

    Entry includes access to everything from the Family Fun Tier plus access to Pixar’s Studio Store where guests can purchase Pixar items at employee prices.The centerpiece of the event is a noon time 3D screening that includes the rarely seen Cars toon Tokyo Mater, and the feature film Toy Story 2, hosted by Dr. Michael B. Johnson (Pixarian and CAM board member), who will lead a Q&A session along with several other Toy Story 2 crew members. The VIP Screening Tier also includes an offering of light lunchtime snacks, treats and conversation with the speakers and other Pixar employees.

    Cartoon Art Museum members can purchase tickets for the reduced rate of $99, while the non-member rate is $149. Call 415-227-8666, ext. 300 to purchase tickets. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

    Days like this, I’m almost wishing I lived out on the left coast (although, my company used to be headquartered in Emeryville right next to Pixar, and is still in the Bay Area … hmmmm …).

  • I know all about the CAM/Pixar event because I’m on Farago’s press release list; not everything he sends me is of interest to this blog’s purpose, but they’re always well-written and to-the-point, so I pay attention to them. The other way to get attention is to … well, see for yourself below the cut. Just keep in mind that wacky for wackiness’ sake can lead to one (i.e.: me) to contemplate the difference between good attention and bad attention. You have been warned.



‘Hilarity Comics’ Returns With Vengeance, Slaughters Thousands In Bloody Reprisals

THE INTERNET, Computers – October 20 – Thinkers, artists and aesthetes shat their pants in unrestrained bliss today, upon learning that Patrick Alexander’s Hilarity Comics have returned to the internet. “Oh me oh my,” they went, rolling gleefully in their own wet filth.

Imagine the intensity of their incontinent squirtings when they learn that Hilarity Comics have not just returned, but returned TWICE! Oh, what a mess, what a mess.

* EEGRA, that website about videogames, will feature Hilarity Comics about videogames, like it did before! Except smaller!

* A second, parallel series of Hilarity Comics will appear at a brand new website, simply called ‘Comics by Patrick Alexander’, which also incorporates Raymondo Person (currently frustrated).

Here are the goddamned URLs!

EEGRA Hilarity Comics:
Sexy new Hilarity Comics:
Comics by Patrick Alexander:

Cartoonist Patrick Alexander, described by onlookers as ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’, emitted the following statement:

“Piss and farts and tits and balls —
“Hilarity Comics has it alls.”

* About Hilarity Comics *

Patrick Alexander’s Hilarity Comics were originally created for EEGRA, “the internet’s premier website for making you feel bad about liking videogames,” and read by probably about 250,000 self-hating nerds. Frequently described as the videogame webcomic for people who don’t play videogames, Hilarity Comics is now both not about videogames anymore and still about videogames, making that description even more paradoxical and confusing, and therefore apt.

* About Patrick Alexander *

Patrick Alexander spiller musikalsk gennemtænkt singer/songwriter pop/rock, med stor troværdighed og engageret intensitet, både når han fremfører sangene i et sparsomt akustisk set-up, og når han spiller med sit godt sammenspillede og kompetente elektriske backingband.

Anybody make it all the way through all that? Thing is, I’m familiar with some of Patrick Alexander’s comics (especially Raymondo Person), but that press release would have made me want to stay pretty far away if I wasn’t. Press release authors, take heed.

I notice that N Korean Magic Realism urine reflects without reversing…

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Mister Tyrrell I think you’ve fallen for the classic fallacy of mistaking “dumb website announcement written in the style of a press release” for “actual press release for an actual press”.


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