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All Con Reports In The Future Should Follow This Format

So ... pretty.

Okay, it’s not a “report” in the traditional sense, but it surely is the definitive account of webcomics at APE. Kate Beaton once again wins at everything. Also, I very much want one of these thank you.

  • In other news, life is getting pretty spookifying, what with Halloween coming up and all (and wouldn’t you know it, I’m on EMT duty that weekend, while all the rest of you will be getting drunk and dressing up like sexy cops, sexy ninjas, and sexy Weedmaster P). To celebrate, Split Lip (the horror webcomic specialists) are releasing a new comic and a new contest.

    The comic, Termites in Your Smile, is the tale of a two-timing law student, the women in his life, and a ghostly, ghastly revenge; the contest involves the giveaway of Split Lip Volume 1 (a sampler of the macabre) to as many as ten lucky winners on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Quick followup: K-9Lives, an animated short with webcomic roots did pretty well at the Marbella International Film Festival; let’s let creator Doug Wilson share the news:

    K-9Lives was nominated for best animation at Marbella International Film Festival alongside Leonardo by Pixar artist Jim Capobianco, and Body by Zhivko Dimitrov an MA alumni from St Martins College in London.

    That’ll do, little dog-attached-to-a-cat, that’ll do. For more information, see Wilson’s festival diary entries.

  • Know who’s always looking out for the community (such as it is)? Xaviar Xerexes. Guy’s gone ahead and created one a’ them resources that everybody into comickry is going to find helpful, a Google Calendar of upcoming comics event-type things; go to the main page at ComixTalk and click on the “Members” tab over to the right.

    Now the thing is, he put the damn thing up, which means that he’s going to become the de facto data entry maintainer guy for this calendar, and that’s gonna suck for him. So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you want to help keep the calendar up to date (that is, you’re amenable to getting flooded with press releases once word of this thing gets out), are a reliable sort (that is, you won’t flake out after saying you want to help) and are a skilled communicator (that is, you can spell and use proper punctuation on a regular basis), go ahead and drop an email via that contact link over there to the right, and I’ll forward the lot of you onto XX-Man.

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