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Literal Blasts From The Past

Warning: clicking here will take you to a site that features a picture of David Malki ! *without beard or moustache*. It's ... disturbing.

See that up there? That is the wedding cake of David Malki ! and Nikki Rice from a few years back. It’s not the anniversary of the event or anything, but Mr Press Release (seriously, get yourself on the TopatoCo press release list, because those things that Malki ! writes are freakin’ hilarious; they are the only ones that reward you for reading all the way to the bottom¹) saw fit to share it with the world, and I share it with you because it is the coolest cake ever that could only be improved by the little bride figure kicking one of the black-clad agents of doom in the face.

  • Similarly, this world was rocked on this day in both 1976 and 1980 as John Allison and Ryan North were born (or, as rumo[u]r would have it, sprung fully formed from the forehead of Zeus) in, respectively, Englishland and Canadia. Fleen wishes a very happy birthday to both.
  • And blasting forth into the marketplace are not one, but two separate books from Tyler Page. Up first, the second volume of Nothing Better, which remains the benchmark for headin’ off to college storytelling. When last we left our intrepid heroines Kat and Jane, they had just come to the uneasy realization that sometimes the Freshman Roomie Match-o-Tron does a better job than either would be willing to admit; with semester one part-way over, school rhythms starting to gel, and old lives starting to drift further away, the real work of growin’ up in Ermerica can begin. It’s my very next webcomics purchase, you betcha.

    Second, you got The Saga of Rob Harvard, the first publication culled from Page’s daily sketchblog, and the first (only, really) extended story arc from that creative stew. This one is hand-bound and limited to 250 copies, so get it while the getting’s good if you really want it. Both The Saga of Rob Harvard and Nothing Better Vol 2: Into the Wild are available now in the Stylish Vittles store (along with NB volume 1, for those needing to catch up).

¹ Case in point, from a recent release authored by Mr Malki !:

Founded in 2003 by maverick cowboy cyber cartoonist Jeffrey Rowland, TopatoCo handles the production and fulfillment of licensed merchandise for over forty independent artists and entrepreneurs. TopatoCo is the exclusive online retailer for dozens of the comics world’s most popular online brands and maintains a commitment to helping content creators worldwide establish sustainable careers from their art. TopatoCo was also the first corporation in Massachusetts to get super scared of a wolf this one time, but in its defense, it was a really scary wolf.

[…] as I got my copy of Tyler Page’s Nothing Better volume 2: Into the Wild. I know that I said months ago that this was going to be my next purchase, but I’m apparently a challenge to buy gifts for; […]

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