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So … Much … News

This is the best satellite image of your target we have. Memorize and burn.
Where to start?

  • Perhaps with the almost-overlooked PC Weenies anniversary? Turns out that you won’t be able to see those first efforts, since the current site only goes back to the retooling of January Aught-Eight, but there it is: Krishna Sadasivam’s been using the same characters to poke fun at kohm-puu-tars since October 1998, which is about 93 years in internet time.
  • The long wait for new Erfworld strips is finally coming to a close; as of this writing, the site is down (presumably for retooling), but expect to see the new “book” start soon, with a new artist, and a new model: twenty-five pages equals a book, short texty interludes between books; by that model, “Book One” was actually about six books worth (and, coincidentally, will be available from Giant In The Playground early next year in dead-tree form).
  • APE happened, and the news was joyous as a sizeable portion of the TopatoCo roster (including all of the ruling junta) plopped themselves in a limo and toasted, Here’s to stumbling ass-backwards into good decisions. Big Apple Comic Con also happened, and the news was decidedly more mixed, with none of the major comics publishers present, one of the two “biggest” draws (Gary Coleman) not showing (that building-super job must have kept him too busy) and the show’s management announcing that next year, BACC will take place the same dates as New York Comic Con (which has made a pretty good name for itself in only four iterations). So, webcomickers — NYCC or BACC, and why?
  • Tweeted this AM: Templar, AZ books to be distributed by Last Gasp, which ought to make them available anywhere that artcomix are to be found. Whoa.
  • John Baird of Create A Comic Project (oft-featured in these pages) sends word of interest to all New York City area comickers of all stripes:

    LearnPlay is looking to bring a series of speakers to Teachers College at Columbia University to speak on the combination of comics and education. The monthly speaker series starts in November and will go through April.

    LearnPlay is TC’s student organization for the research and development of educational games and activities, including comic making. If you’re interested, please contact LearnPlay’s president, John Baird, at jlb2226 at columbia dot edu.

    Okay, everybody else who is not in charge of multiple educational/outreach programs for kids? You’re officially slackers now. Baird’s the man.

And that’s it for today. Nothing else going on in webcomics, nope. Aaaaaaabsolutely nothing. Move along, and don’t bother to click on that completely non-descript link that leads nowhere.

Welcome, operative. Consider this briefing EYES ONLY, and if captured, kill yourself immediately.

Our greatest nightmare has finally come true. Operation: Mongoose, the latest dossier of activities of the Intelligence Cleaner Agency, has been placed up for grabs and every player in the game is angling for it. Your mission is to obtain it from all competing interests; rumors have it that the sketchy details leaked online have been supplemented by at least two pages of previously-unkown material, which are naturally vital to our interests and the continuance of freedom as we know it.

A wide variety of nefarious malefactors are known to have contributed to the dossier; naturally you should make ever effort to familiarize yourself with their work so that you may make a complete analysis. If unable to obtain this materiel directly, you are authorized to bid on it, up to a limit of $25 (US) (get a receipt for proper reimbursement), which may include additional intelligence reports pertaining to Operation For the Love of Russia, as well as examples of designer clothing and fine-art conterfeiting used to fund shadowy operations.

Your primary contact may be reached via secure channels here. Don’t fail us.

[…] Big thanks to Gary over at for his leak of our memo about our efforts to bring all our readers a print edition of Operation: Mongoose. […]

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