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It’s A Day Full Of Wow

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First, a little visual Wow. For everybody that’s ever asked, “Why webcomics? What can they do that’s so special?”, Rich Stevens has your answer hangin’, boy

  • Next, a little financial Wow[io], with news that WOWIO payments for Q2 of 2008 are going out. Chris Crosby informs me that a sizeable sum has been presented via check (edit to correct: actually, it was a wire transfer; Fleen regrets the error) to settle back payments owed in full, plus a little extra for interest. The optimist in me is thrilled for creators finally getting paid what they’re due. The realist in me hopes the next Great Thing doesn’t leave them hanging for more than a year. The cynic in me is astonished that previous securities filings hinting that payments would never come were overly pessimistic. And none of them would never dream of suggesting that checks be deposited quickly.
  • Charitable Wow up next: Nick Nitro emailed to tell me about his cousin, Amie Morgan, founder of Amie’s Angels:

    Relay for Life team. Created by Amie Morgan when she found out she had been diagnosed with cancer, Amie’s Angels has helped raised more than $75k for the American Cancel Society’s Madison County [Ohio] Relay for Life, upon many other activities such as volunteering at the Arthur James Cancer Hospital assisting other head and neck cancer patients.

    Ms Morgan died after five years of fighting bone cancer this summer; at Mid-Ohio Con few weeks ago, Mr Nitro got a buncha creators to do up a piece of jam art to benefit Amie’s Angels as they continue to raise funds to kick cancer’s ass. No reserve, and three days left to go. Let’s bid this one up, shall we?

  • Ubiquitous Wow: Jenny Everywhere caption contest coming down to the home stretch. Did we mention this before? If we didn’t we should have, since the very idea of an open source cartoon character is just so neat. I first encountered Ms Everywhere in the pages of a now-discontinued offering of Graphic Smash variously known as Flick, Kokonino, The Chaos Prince, The Crossover Thingie, etc; elements of it can still be found here. She’s literally everywhere, though, and you may use her in your own webcomic if you so wish, as long as you include the following text:

    The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

    Go to it.

¹ ‘Long wit a two-week supply of IGNINT McNUGGET, de breakfast o’ champiums!

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