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Crap, The Moon Is Going To Kill Us All

Or annoy us. Whichever.

Let’s all enjoy the remaining time we have before the pissed-off planetoid decides to wreak horrific vengeance on us all.

  • If you’re going to die in an apocalyptic satellite brouhaha (I guess Galactus gets the snack-size leftovers), may as well go out laughing, drunk and or fighting. And lucky for you, all three can be accomplished simultaneously at Super Art Fight 5 tonight in Baltimore:

    Using one of the most star-studded lineups ever, Super Art Fight 5 will have some of the biggest names in webcomics taking to the stage for battle.

    The first bout on the card is the Tag Team Challenge, which pits Jamie Baldwin and Danielle Corsetto against Kelsey Wailes and Bryan Prindiville. Baldwin and Wailes are both past winners of past battles, with both ranking in the top 3 of potential challengers for the title. Prindiville is fighting for a chance to become part of the official roster, while Corsetto is taking part in her first-ever fight.

    The second match of the night is The War To Settle The Score, pitting Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz against Lar deSouza. The two started their grudge in Connecticut, with deSouza winning a tag-team challenge with a healthy dose of trash talking. Borkowicz, one of the founders of Super Art Fight, wasn’t pleased with the loss, and is out to settle the feud in Baltimore.

    The main event is the Super Art Fight Championship, where defending champion Michael Bracco puts his belt on the line against Chris Impink (yes, we have a belt). Bracco is looking to be the first belt-holder to ever defend his title in Super Art Fight history. Impink is the career underdog of Super Art Fight, and could pull the upset.

    During the matches, commentary will be provided by the Super Art Fight hosts, Marty Day and Ross Nover, with musical accompaniment by the official DJ of Super Art Fight, DJ Sheephead.

    So that’s at Metro Gallery in Baltimore (1700 North Charles Street), $10 a head, doors open at 8pm, mayhem starts at 9:00. Survivors of the bloobath (and lunar revenge) may be found the next day at Baltimore Comic-Con.

  • You know what? Seeing as how the moon will kill us all in the immediate future, I’m going to share something with you. Received recently was the first piece of Fleen fanart, from Krishna Sadasivam. When death rains from the skies and the living envy the dead, this image will make me smile as I face the end of all things — my humble website inspired an artist to take the time to create an image in which I slightly resemble Sergio Aragonés. Also, I once had a t-shirt made about my moustache. That’ll do, hack webcomics pseduo-journalist. That’ll do.

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Krishna Sadasivam. Krishna Sadasivam said: check out my Fleen fan art: link at bottom of article […]

It’s the Great Moustache, Charlie Brown! That fan art gave me a really good chuckle. Great job, Krishna! Thank you both for sharing.

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