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Twitter Not Working, Panic Sweeps Internet, Tubes In Flames

Ryan North does not panic as he bestrides the earth; he stands above the mayhem and merely shakes his head sadly at the tiny creatures far below..

So let’s get this particular iteration of the Interpocalypse kickin’.

  • Seems like a lot of comics are finding their way to mobile devices these days — Howard Tayler, in his recent Fleen interview, talked about an iPhone app for his stuff; I’m getting hit with regular press releases about somebody named “Tyrese” who’s created a comic about an asskicking vigilante who takes no guff (man, where do these original concepts come from) that resembles his creator to a startling degree and is now releasing it via iTunes as a — gahhh — motion comic (insert Clutch Cargo joke here). You got your LOLBOTS, you got your Clickwheel, and now it appears you will have your Erf:

    Erfworld: The Battle for Gobwin Knob is soon coming to mobiles in a partnership with Robot Comics.

    Originally published online under the Creative Commons license, Erfworld is today one of the most popular and heavily trafficked webcomic sites, supported by its own wiki consisting of 5000+ fan-created articles about the Erfworld universe, including a complete single panel annotated archive of the comic that would make a Grant Morrison fan proud.

    Awesome — now I know why the text-only “summer updates” are still going.

    I kid, I kid … the storytelling and world-building that goes on in the “novelization” of Erworld is really quite good. But I want to see the pictures again, dammit.

    Things that made me ask questions — is this the first let’s-get-comics-on-handhelds development group that’s developing for less-widespread devices like Android phones, Nintendo DSi, and Kindle? And is the first development of a complete story (140+ pages) originally formatted for full-screen viewing, to get redone for widely-varying but mostly small screens? At least, that’s what I’m taking from the Robot Comics self-description, ’cause if all they do is shrink down the pages, that’s gotta be one unsatisfying reading experience. As they say, we shall be watching their career with great interest.

  • Know what rocks? Anders Loves Maria is back from hiatus (which included a pretty nasty flulike bug colonizing creator Rene Engström). Know what sucks? It’s almost over:

    I’m back at work now and ready to give you my full attention, hopefully uninterrupted until the story’s conclusion, some 30 pages or so into the future.

    Okay, let me rephrase that — I am thrilled that Engström is telling the story she wanted to tell, with a definite beginning, middle, and end (and enough flashbacks to spin the heads of the LOST writing staff). I’m not happy that this means that sometime, probably by the end of the year, that I will not have more ALM to look forward to. To have them go on forever, like a soap opera that long outlives its original characters, would be terrible. But to not have Engström’s comics is possibly worse. Here’s hoping that she already knows what the next project will be once ALM wraps (diary comics! diary comics!) and will be ready to launch quickly because Daddy needs his medicine.

  • Know what the awesomest part of the recent Dinosaur Comics site redesign is? Blogposts are now tied to comic updates, so I can permalink things like the title of Ryan North’s upcoming ACM address to the folks that made HAL:

    So hey what are you doing October 16th-18th 2009? If you’re like me you’re coming to the (free!) ACM Reflections | Projections conference in Urbana, IL! I’m giving a talk! In fact, I’ve got the last talk of the day, entitled “GUYS, LOOKS LIKE IT’S WACKY TIME”, in all caps, just like that. Will it truly be wacky time? Yes, absolutely. You should come!

    Please somebody video this so we can all see what WACKY TIME WITH RYAN looks like. I bet it looks like a kiddie TV show on twenty-eight hours of no sleep!

We’re adapting Erfworld for mobile screens and redoing the lettering to improve its readability. Erfword’s art is beautiful, and it looks even better on small pieces. Let us know what you think of our adaptation once it’s up.

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