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Yeah, Yeah, Day Of Atonement Was Yesterday, I’m Just Running 18 Hours Behind

Talkin' to *you*, Mr B&E.

So we’re coming to the end of Randy Milholland’s month-long everything happens on one day experiment, which not being enough of an artistic challenge by itself, has had the difficulty factor amped up by juggling at least four separate storylines, one of which is a canon crossover with Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots (which, by the way, is celebrating a five year anniversary this week) wedding event. Whew.

Weddings, of course, have a long history in webcomics crossover land, and it’s always fun to see Milholland’s take on another creator’s characters — especially Candy. She’s pure evil. But Milholland (whose work is essentially an optimistic view of humanity, albeit one that hates to admit it) has had plenty of nasty characters of his own — basically, his entire cast are horrible people — and he’s had a tendency to find ways to redeem them, deepen them, or at least give them a chance to prove they aren’t entirely stupid. Of all his vile creations, only Twitchy-Hug and Avogadro (coincidentally, both dead) never earned a sympathetic portrayal, so I’m pretty confident that the hard Candy shell may hide something like a soft, squishy center. Or maybe not. But damn if I don’t want to find out.

  • Speaking of vile characters, a real-life example of one kicked in the front door of Ellie Connelly creator Indigo Kelleigh last night, leaving him with an insecure home and not-easily-covered repair work. Want to toss a hearty, karmic, “Screw you” to the would-be burglar? Kelleigh’s got a fundraiser going on, and I think maybe we need to start a petition to the government of the state of Oregon that permits Kelleigh to install a full moat complete with vicious animals.

    Either that, or should the burglar ever be caught, that every reader of his comic be permitted to give him a good, full-swing smack across the face (offer only good to those familiar with the plot and characters, so if you want to be able to punch a complete stranger that desparately needs it, start reading Ellie Connelly today).

  • It’s apparently Hans Gruber Day in webcomics today. Was there a memo I missed? I’ll just have to content myself with — RYAN! Yay, he’s back, he’s back, and looking so dapper and … grown up? My mind, she is blown.
  • In case you missed the comments thread from yesterday, Howard Tayler came back from the Success in Cartooning seminar (conference? meeting?) with a head full of amazement and ideas; as he’s too smart to put more than a summary of his experiences online when he can get me to type it for him (cue the dancing — it’s not quite the “I got paid three times” dance, but shares many of the same moves), we’ll be doing an interview on What He Learned And Why You Should, Too. Look for that later this week.

Well, there goes my hobo crush on Mr Beckwith.

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