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You Can Almost See I-95 From My Front Porch

It's the eastern seaboard's Main Street, yo.

So I’m guessing that the occasional explosion and plume of smoke/flame from over that way would be the trail of destruction left by various webcomickers on their drive south to Bethesda, Maryland for SPX. Those flying are, I’m guessing, about half a rum-and-coke from getting tazed by air marshals.

  • For those of you heading that way, look for a small (potentially drunk and/or naked) woman named Bree Rubin and tell her “thanks” for me, ’cause she tipped me to a new webcomic that’s a continuation of a play:

    Disgraced Comics is the new off-shoot of Disgraced Productions, offering original online visual dramatic storytelling. And in our first online comic, The Adventures of Max Quarterhorse, you will get to see the first-ever Independent Theater-to-comics crossover. The Adventures of Max Quarterhorse picks up where Disgraced Productions’ 2008 play, All Kinds of Shifty Villains, leaves off. [emphases original]

    The first half of the first ten-page issue of TAoMQ are online now, starting here, and the art (by Miriam Gibson) is damn pretty. Can’t think of anybody that’s done this kind of cross-media use of webcomics yet, so hats off to Robert Attenweiler (creator of Max Quarterhorse) for taking the artistic leap.

  • Speaking of webcomics-slash-other-artistic-medium (as opposed to webcomics slash, which is full of Ryan North and Jeph Jacques and squishy noises), the last time I attended SPX (and goodness, was that nearly two years ago), I thought about webcomics as a distinct medium:

    We’ve really reached that happy point where the distinction between indy/small press comics and webcomics is largely academic.

    … was the conclusion. Although we at Fleen continue to use the word “webcomic” as a signifier, really, all it signifies is a means of distribution within the larger realm of comics. I bring this up because there’s an interesting discussion about the separateness of webcomics vis a vis comics over at the Transmission-X forums that’s worth your time. There’s a good level of thinkin’ going on, and given that TX are Canadian (and the conversation is in the context of a Canadian comics industry award), it’s exceedingly polite. Nice to see so many people thinking along these lines.

  • Finally, quick note that Johanna Draper Carlson (who’ll be trawling the aisled at SPX on Saturday) has caught an interesting tidbit: the Android phone platform (aka “Google phone”) has a new category coming up in its applications market — comics. More than one person declared the iPhone to be an ideal mobile platform for comics (especially of the webbish variety), but the open API and lack of Apple approval at the Android Market may make it an even better platform. I know for a fact that at least one creator designing comics for a mobile generation made sure to test against the Android G1 (which, full disclaimer, is my phone of choice) in addition to the more ubiquitous Jesus Phones and Crackberries. Could be interesting times ahead.
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