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So That’s What Gets Comments? Stories Of My College-Age Dental Trauma?

I'm not sure I should even mention that the dental horrorshow was only the *second* worst pain I've ever had.

Sick, people, sick!

  • Whoops, there’s mini-Grote … had I been paying closer attention, I might have noticed the characters introduced on Monday and Tuesday in Bad Machinëry are the crime-busting youths of Tackleford; with Shauna and Charlotte now present, it appears that BM has settled into a secondary school story (as much of SGR was in the last couple of years, with Esther and The Boy being so prominent). Anybody know how long university lasts in England — if we’re three years on, maybe the older generation are about done with their schoolin’.
  • Got my copy of xkcd volume 0 in the mail yesterday; plenty of randomness in the marginalia — page numbers in various bases, code snippets and clues, puzzles o’ plenty to be solved. Me, I plan on sitting back and letting others crack ’em and post their solutions because I’m a lazy, lazy man (but, in my defense, no less a genius than Chuck Jones noted that it takes a smart person to get away with being lazy). Maybe the most interesting part of xv0 is the lack of the traditional copyright page; in its place is a Creative Commons page, with a Attribution-Noncommerical 3.0 Unported license.
  • Curiously enough, this is only one of two books I read last night with such language up front, the other being the first collection of The Glass Urchin by Amy Bogin (who goes by “Ami B.” online), which features an Attribution-Noncommerical-Share Alike 3.0 license. Given that so many webcomickers are releasing strips that appear online for free, I wonder if this will become a trend. Anyhoo, the book debuts at SPX this weekend (thanks for the advance copy, Ami!), which means that I know how the next five strips that will run online will go, because they’re included here. I get to see them and you have to wait, moo ha ha ha.

cool on the XKCD book, Gary. I’ll have to check it out. Now all you need is a copy of “Rebootus Maximus”… ;)

Haha, I actually figured you got plenty of comments from people who actually knew about webcomics. Looking back I see lots of posts with 0 comments. Weird, because you do such a good job on webcomic reporting. :/

I am so not smart enough for XKCD. I don’t get pretty much all of their science jokes. :(

You’re right – a university education in the UK does last three years, I believe.

hahaha, actually the title of this post got my attention. I’m a working dentist who draws webcomics on the side. Slightly disappointed to know this post has nothing to do about dental trauma, but I was greatly pleased with this blog. Will come back again :)

[…] I mentioned back in the autumn of last year, xkcd volume 0 was chock-full of puzzles that I intended to let other people solve. […]

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