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That Kid’s Gotta Run His Ass ‘Round The Block A Few Times

Yay, new Liz Greenfield art!

SPX is coming up in a few days and dammit I won’t be there because virtually every cool creator is going to be. You should check out all of the webcomicky people, which list includes — but probably not exhaustively so — the following creators (big breath now): Aaron, Ami, Box, Bree, Bryan, Carla, Carol, Chris, Danielle, Dave, David, Dern, Emily, Erika, James, Jeph, Jess, Joey, John, John, John, Jon, Julia, Kate, Marion, Mer, Raina, Rich, Sara, Spike, Sam, and Scott. Whew!

For added fun, Box Brown has a list of must-buy books, and The X-Man will be wandering the floor on Saturday.

  • Know who won’t be at SPX (besides me?) Liz Cusack Greenfield. ‘s been a while since Ms Liz stepped away from webcomics, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up drawing. Behold: magazine spot illos, which I’ll take because I love her stuff so much. Should she ever decide to return to the reprobate-filled world of [web]comics, I’ll be waiting with bells on. On what? I hear you cry. None of your damn business.
  • Finally, thanks to Webcomics-dot-com for reminding me: 24 Hour Comic Day is coming up! From the aforementioned w-d-c, thoughts by Trev Wood as to why 24HCD is something you should be in on; read it, accept the wisdome, then stock up on the No-Doz and Jolt cola, sharpen up your Sharpies, and get crackin’ oh my sleep-deprived droogs.

Dave of and I of will be there too. I got a half table at the last possible minute

thank YOU for reminding me about 24 hour comic day, Gary!

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