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All The Hints Were There

I told you, but did you believe me? Nooooo.

Busy weekend.

  • There’s a strip and a half that launched today — half because Bad Machinëry is a continuation of John Allison’s Tackleford Stories, albeit with a “three years later” prepended. Who is this young protagonist that we see? And might his older sister be Charlotte Grote? There’s a similarity there, but I’m not sure. Dang, one update and already I’m hooked by the mystery. Anybody that goes to SPX this weekend (alas, I can’t make it), tell Allison I said, “Well done, good sir!” No improvising, use those exact words only.
  • The whole launch, natcherly, would be the hinted-at Paul Southworth/Bill Barnes collaboration, Not Invented Here; it’s not a spinoff of Unshelved, but since we’re in Crossover, Ahoy! territory this week, they at least share a reality (and longtime readers of this page will recall the dangers inherent in such situations). Let’s hear what the writer has to say on the subject:

    Since Gene Ambaum and I first created Unshelved, a comic strip drawn from Gene’s experiences as a librarian, people have asked me why I didn’t start a comic strip based on my two decades in the software business. After several false starts it’s finally ready.

    This time around I wanted to write, not draw. I was lucky enough to snag one of my favorite cartoonists, Paul Southworth. Paul is one of the most talented and respected artists in the business, and also a really funny and sweet guy.

    Not Invented Here by Bill Barnes and Paul Southworth runs Monday through Thursday every week. I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy Unshelved, and I also hope you’ll tell your friends about both strips.

    (Speaking of which, don’t worry: Gene and I will continue to make Unshelved untli the heat-death of the Universe or until it stops supporting us, whichever comes first.)

    So that’s all right then — I get Southworth on strippin’ four days a week, Barnes gets another project to keep him busy (and trust me — this is not a dude you want to have free time if you value your sanity), and the computer programming demographic (and surely, the computer-savvy nerd demo is underserved at the moment) gets another webcomic, and we’re all happy “untli” the inevitable killing spree. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, kids!

  • Speaking of kids enjoying things, by all accounts the immediate vicinity of Columbus, Ohio had its face rocked off on Saturday by the WEXTRAVAGANZA ( ZA Za za za), which is a much better name than that “It’s Wedding!” thing I came up with. Let’s share a little excerpt of the actual wedding ceremony of David Willis and Maggie Weidner:

    May this union be blessed, and may the seven seas echo with tales of your love wherever the Jolly Roger flies. Your fleets are now one, and its sails have unfurled. You may both kiss.


    Fellow pirates, scalliwags, rascals, and buccaneers, I am honored to present Admirals David and Maggie Willis as husband and wife. Yo ho ho, me hearties!


    Also, there was gun violence in the middle of the rite. Awesome. Congratulations, you crazy pirate-lovin’ wackos!

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