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There is now officially no resolution time for my broadband outage at home, making Gary a cranky guy. As my employer prefers I work at work, this severely cramps the amount of webcomic reading I’m getting in, so forgive if this is thin.

  • On the convention front, TCAF (consistently rated by participants as one of the top shows of the year) goes from every-other-year to annual in 2010, and applications are available now. In the past, TCAF has been an invitation show, but the demand (and size of the show) have grown to the point that the organizers are asking all desirious of exhibiting to fill in the form; these will then be looked over in a juried process, and those that fit in best will be given space. Deadline is 15 November, but you know what they say about early birds and worms.
  • In a similar vein, if you’ve noticed a gradual coalescing of webcomics into a defined area at San Diego Comic Con, a lot of the credit for that can be given to Phil Foglio, who’s been planting the idea in the brains of those responsible for booth assignment for literally years. It’s worked so well that Foglio now informs us that the grouping logic is now being extended to Wondercon in San Francisco.

    People who are exhibiting at Wondercon and want to be in the webcomics section should make their preference known to Justin Dutta, floor manager; a quick list of your URLs for confirmation would be a good idea. And if you should see either Dutta or Foglio, be sure to thank ’em for making it easier to find the webcomickers. And hey — if this continues to work well at SDCC and does well at WC, and other con organizers hear that the exhibitors are grateful and — oh, I dunno, promoting the shows on their websites, offering to do posters or badge art or program covers or whatever — maybe it’ll spread.

  • Also speaking of conventions, there’s one coming up in Mary-land end of next week, where you may find a slightly dazed John Allison trying to get other webcomickers to stand still long enough to refine their portraits. Apart from poor Doc Hastings, I’d say that Allison has done a bang-up job portraying everybody in the community that he’s encountered so far. Soon we’ll see what the SGR successor is, which I can only pray involves barn owls.
  • Finally, the burst of guest comics that came about as a result of the Nerd Flu appears to be tapering off. I have a feeling that today may be the last of them; for my money, Becky and Frank of Tiny Kitten Teeth win guest strippery forever, producing the most in-character evil cat (and bassets!) and keeping up the tradition of torturing Gabe. Go over to TKT and keep in mind that what you’re looking at is gouache and ink on paper; it’s simply insane that such fluid lines and vibrant colors don’t have a million “undo” edits behind them, but they don’t. They’re physical. Hey major publishers and animation studios, why are you not throwing money at these two?
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