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As Dead A Day As I Can Recall

I've actually seen a draft version of this mini, and it's awesome. I strongly suggest David and Maggie eBay the leftovers for some quick cash.

In retrospect, my internet at home being nonfunctional (smokin’ hot signal, no DNS) and the prospect of sitting on the line with a first-level “support” “technician” to go through multiple reboots only to determine that the problem isn’t on my end should have been a tip-off. Almost nothing of interest going on today.

The sick and wounded from PAX continue to heal. The great drama and fights are absent. It’s still days to go until Estradarama and It’s Wedding!, and naught occurs in our scrappy little community but a few instances of quiet accomplishment due to diligent effort. BO-RING. Well, let’s at least acknowledge those bits of accomplishment, and hope that somebody has a meltdown before deadline tomorrow.

  • Red String — through six years (or so), thirty-five chapters (or so), three Dark Horse books (or so), Gina Biggs has been cranking out the pages and just crossed the 1000 mark. Daunting backlog o’ comics, but oh so worth it to get caught up.
  • Know what might make it easy to get caught up? Archive Binge. Since the free RSS-based catch-up service launched ’bout two weeks ago, a stack of new comics have been added to the service, including more than 2500 episodes of Goats and nearly 3400 of Schlock Mercenary. Also on the list since the last time I looked: the pure nerdery of Dinosaur Comics and xkcd, adding more than 2000 strips between ’em. Dig in.
  • Speaking of xkcd, volume 0 is on sale as of today, and for the first 24 hours you can order your copy signed for an extra ten bob; unsigned copies will start shipping tomorrow. I got mine on order, do you?

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