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I Peremptorily Declare Today To Be Webcomics Multimedia Day

I've like Kate Beckinsale since she debuted in "Much Ado About Nothing", but not sure how she'll do as Carrie Stetko.

It rolls off the tongue at least as well as the its-almost-here Estrada Day (although not, I grant you, as well as Estradarama or The Estradaganza).

  • Anyhoo, Gordon McAlpin (my sporting bet nemesis) dropped some multimedia goodness on the Tubes end of last week — if books can have trailers, why not webcomics? And, since I mentioned books, I would be remiss in not mentioning that Gordo’s got the first Multiplex book in the works and available for your support:

    The first of the five Chapter eBooks that will be collected into the Multiplex: Book 1 print book has long been available, but a second is pretty late, because of how much new material it has and how little time I have to work on it.

    Enter: Kickstarter and the Multiplex: Book 1 Club of Awesome. By pledging any amount over $1 to join the Multiplex: Book 1 Club of Awesome, pledgers will help me take some time off from my (wonderful, but time-consuming!) day job in order to complete the print book — and, more importantly, pay for the print run of the book itself.

    These are not donations, though — absolutely not! In exchange for your pledges, you’ll receive AWESOME! REWARDS!

    My funding goal is $7,500. Pledges will be taken until December 11th — a.k.a. the moment of truth. If the funding goal is met or surpassed, I get the money (after a two-week or so processing time), less credit card fees, and I can get down to business. If the funding goal is not reached, nobody gets charged — I don’t get anything. (If I only get $3000 in pledges, I wouldn’t be able to afford a print run.)

    Multiplex is the first webcomic attempting to fund a project through Kickstarter, so hopefully this will get some traction in the webcomic world. (Several musicians and filmmakers have successfully funded larger projects already.)

    To sum: it’s like giving to PBS or NPR, and there’s books, t-shirts, and other swag that’s frankly much cooler than a tote bag (although to be fair, much worse at carrying your groceries home from the market). Details at the Kickstarter page linked above.

  • Speaking of multiple forms of media, Mike Russell‘s got the latest of his interview-into-webcomics deals up, this one about Steve Lieber’s experiences getting the graphic novel Whiteout (illustrated by Lieber, written by Greg Rucka) made into the just-released movie and what it’s like to see the process finally finished:

    … It’s almost impossible not to let yourself think, “Now I’m a big deal.” But you wake up and you’re still the same [redacted] — and the only difference is that there’s a movie out there that people think you adapted into a comic.

    It’s part of the deal … they’re gonna buy me half a house, I’m going to have to eat some [redacted], you know?

    So that you understand the effort that Russell goes to, these thirteen panels were condensed down from a full hour and a half of conversation, which you may read at your leisure. Me, I’m going to trust that Russell got the good parts from that talk into his comic and content myself with that.

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