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Get Back To Work, You!

I said, Get Back To Work, You!

Gah — why do long weekends just make Tuesday seem like Monday squared? Fortunately, there are things that make the day worthwhile.

  • Jumped the gun a little on yesterday’s celebration of Octopus Pie‘s return, since it didn’t go live until the evening hours my time. No matter — two Chuck Jones references (how I love thee, The Dover Boys), a “bicycling” fat kid that I swear I’ve seen in my neighborhood, some of Meredith Gran’s best facial expressions ever (in that second page, I’m not sure if Eve on the bench is nervous, or disgusted by what she might be sitting in), and one or two complaints in the comment box about why don’t you give me my free entertainment when I want it why why why. Any one of those is worth the price of admission by itself.
  • And hey — after not sleeping for about fourfive days, also a new Dresden Codak from Gran’s studiomate, Aaron Diaz. About, appropriately enough, sleepwalking. And the danger of non-secured laptops.
  • Anybody catch Tom Siddell‘s stream the other night? Count the webcomics references if you dare — first person to identify all characters gets a no-prize.
  • Big things coming out of Transmission-X tomorrow: Butternut Squash returns from hiatus and joins up on the T-X page, Aardehn shifts from Mondays to Wednesdays, and Eric Kim‘s Streta joins the collective.
  • Finally, a piece of prose, without so much as an illustration, that I wish to commend to your attention; for some time, I have held the opinion that when he’s hitting on all cylinders, Jerry Holkins may be the most evocative writer alive. Oftentimes, this gift for wordplay is given in service to frivolous, if hilarious, things. But given the opportunity to write about something close to his heart, Holkins brandishes words with the precision of surgical instruments:

    I have always felt that I was too conservative in naming your brother, in naming him comfortably, in giving him a name without sufficient destiny. I determined that this would not be your fate, Ronia. You also have a Q, in Quinn, so that when you are forced to append some meaningless form or other with your middle initial, you will deposit a Q thereupon – unleashing it, very nearly unsheathing it, young lady, to dazzle thine enemies.

    I need you to be thus armed because I fear your mother and I have played a trick on you; we have brought you to a place where hidden weaponry is sometimes necessary. In our defense, and I recognize that it may be insufficient, this was the only world available to us.

    Fleen congratulates Brenna and Jerry Holkins on the birth of their daughter, and Elliot Holkins on his new baby sister; learn what they have to teach you, Ronia, and know that they love you.

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