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Life Has Completely Pooched Me Today

Long weekend? Finishing up early? Not bloody likely. I had a bunch of stuff in the mailbag I wanted to talk about, and instead you get quick stuff from the top of my head. Next week will be better, I hope. At least, next week I hope to be past the point where I think that a tequila IV is a good idea.

  • Enjoy PAX,those of you there (and those that aren’t, check out what’s happening on your mobile device).
  • Bellen shifts schedule — expect black&white 3-panel strippery Monday through Thursday, and splashy color double-sizes on Fridays.
  • Octopie megaupdate #1 due on Monday … 11 pages worth, from what I hear. Given that the last update was on Wednesday, August 12th, the most we would have seen in the meantime under the former 3/week schedule would have been … 11 pages. Hey, lookit that — exactly as much free entertainment, produced in a way that the artist is happier with, and likely leading to a more cohesive storyline. I think that’s what’s called a win-win-win-win. If you can’t remember between now and Monday, RSS-up and enjoy it when it hits.

Pooched? As in WHRB?

Recently invented strip check it out……

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