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The Last Day

Could the final times of webcomickry be upon us? Nah, I’m guessing there’s more stuff tomorrow. But for now:

  • Today is the last day before Amulet 2: The Stonekeeper’s Curse releases, hooray! Even better is the knowledge that the series is only just getting started, what with the news over the summer that Kazu Kibuishi‘s almost-all-ages story got extended to seven books (with a rumor of an even ten being a possibility).
  • Today is the last day that I must suffer being without the annotated Achewood collection; like last year’s The Great Outdoor Fight, Worst Song, Played On Ugliest Guitar gets the hardcover treatment and what looks to be a beautiful job of book design (kudos to publisher Dark Horse for the obvious love they put into their hardcover collections … their Wondermark collections show just as lavish attention).

    Plus, unlike the continuous narrative of The Great Outdoor Fight, this time we get the alt-text, and annotations from creator Chris Onstad. Honestly, that last has me a little worried, as I’m not sure how much I want to know about the inner creative process that drives him — yes, I’m curious, but on some level, I’d like to think that work like yesterday’s strip just comes straight out of his subconscious, sui generis, without any tawdry explanations as to how (as if it were a replicable process).

  • Yesterday was the last day one needed to make do with earlier releases of Tyler Martin‘s ComicPress plug-in for WordPress. The new version (that would be 2.8 for those of you keeping score at home) features menubar customization, author & user pages, a feature to link strips directly to specific merchandise items (i.e.: Buy This Print), members-only content, .SWF file support, links to related content/strips, and much more.

    There’s a reason why ComicPress has become so widely used, and everybody that uses it (or did use before creating their own site solution, or is thinking about using it) ought to take a moment to thank Martin for his contributions to our little medium. It’s pretty damn lucky that his hobby supports your art, innit?

  • Finally, today is the last day that I look upon periods as a scarce resource. Look for me to use them more liberally, starting tomorrow.
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