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Damn Archive Trawls

I vaguely remembered that Butternut Squash is due back not too long from now, and that led me to spend entirely too much time draggin’ my ass through six years or so of strips. Okay, it was irregular updates, and prolly fewer than 200 strips total, but still. I am weak. Still, it’s later in the day than I like, so let’s get this thing done.

  • Three comic-related updates in less than a week? The snarky academician may be back for good; I really enjoyed his take on recent (and likely future) events in Starslip.
  • I am offically Chris Onstad’s bitch. I know there’a an RSS feed for Achewood, and I suppose it’s still Monday evening somewhere and my watch is just fast. I keep … updating … wanting to see what happens with the OnStar lady.
  • Speaking of Achewood, it appears that the SPX Gorilla won’t be making a return appearance this year; Ignatz nominations are up and Achewood is not to be found in the nominees for Outstanding Online Comic. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s good to have the love spread around a bit, and the offerings presented all have a very small-press vibe to them:

    We at Fleen have no dog in this fight (although seriously — no love for Kate Beaton?), lots of good work there; good luck to all the nominees. The Ignatz Awards (which are bricks) will be presented at SPX next month.

  • Speaking of awards, if you’re a working cartoonist you can vote for the Harveys, to be awarded at the Baltimore Comic-Con. May I draw your attention to the categories of Best Biographical, Historical or Journalistic Presentation, Best On-Line Comics Work, Special Award For Humor In Comics, and Special Award For Excellence In Presentation? Why yes, I believe I may. Voting concludes on Friday, people.
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