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Something I Just Realized

Seriously, this is even bigger than the time during the Great Outdoor Fight when I finally realized that one of the hands reaching for the keys of The Jeeps had a black wristband and the only character that we’d seen with such an adornment was Ramses Luther Smuckles and thus it was Ray’s dad driving one of The Jeeps.

(Of couse, we later learned in the back-matter of the print version that champions from the late ’60s and early ’70s wear the black wristband in honor of their fallen brother champion, Earl Morriss; thus, it might not have been Ramses Luther, but at the very least it was one of his brethren attempting to run down Ray.)

Okay, so according to Cartilage Head’s guide to the Lash of Thanatos, those so afflicted do not go to the usual afterlife (with which aflictee Roast Beef is well familiar), but rather are queued for reincarnation, typically as an Unfortune Being.

As we all know, Beef is from Circumstances. There may be none who is less fortunate. If Beef does expire from the Lash, will he reincarnate as himself?

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