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Worst part about getting your computer encrapulated? You can fix it all you want, and you’re never quite 100% confident that the repair is good. Let’s make this quick and I can start my weekend and officially Not Worry About Things until Monday.

  • At the risk of making this page All Gordon, All The Time, please be advised that Gordon McAlpin has a new store for Multiplex, including that most ubiquitous of all webcomics merch, a shirt. Pretty clever one, too.
  • For anyone out that that really wants to figure out how my brain works, and predict what I will find hilarious under any and all circumstances no matter how dire, I have three words for you: David Caruso joke. No, wait, five words: David Caruso joke with math! Don’t forget the mouseover text.
  • Speaking of dire circumstances, “Prestwick” wrote:

    Hey mate,

    Just submitting my comic for your two pfennigs. Would love to see what you think of the comic and am awaiting diligently with a notepad for suggestions (this is a such a steep learning curve for me that it’d make Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norgay weep with fear so feedback helps :) ).

    At a guess, “Prestwick” is the Anglo half of an Anglo-Argentinian webcomic team, Peter Vines. Initial reaction: Hard Graft is so far reading like the bastard child of Rambo and The Sandbaggers; on the one hand, you’ve got some real things-blow-up tendencies, on the other hand, it seems to be decently researched (geographically, politically, technologically) and things don’t blow up more than they would in real life.

    It’s still developing, but it bears watching to see which side of the dividing line it comes down on, but with luck we’ll see more of the intrigue tropes, and less of mow-down-waves-of-bad-guys. I will say this, though — the opening splash page looks and reads like it could have come out of Queen and Country, and that’s a hell of a good omen.

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