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Still On Borrowed Equipment

So if you read yesterday’s comments, Gordon McAlpin is unconvinced of my reading of the Amazon Super Duper Strip Cartooner Dealie™ (not its actual name). He and I have had an entirely pleasant back-and-forth today (and there’s no snark there — one of the things I like about my commenters is they’re typically civil and grown-up when there are disagreements) and nailed down both a) my offer of a bet; and b) McAlpin’s desire for more quantification.

We have agreed to the following:

  1. If, within 3 years of the development period being done and print syndication starting (which could be up to 2 years after being declared winner), the contest winner has picked up at least 500 papers Gordon wins.
  2. If, the contest winner walks away from the syndication contract, is dropped by the syndicate, or under any other circumstances goes independent as a webcomic using the same strip from the contest, and achieves any significant audience on-line, Gordon wins.
  3. If the strip isn’t picked up for print syndication by somebody at the end of the development period (doesn’t have to be Universal), or fails to hit 500 papers in three years of print syndication, I win.
  4. The winner may, at his discretion, take a picture of himself waving the money in a triumphant pose, to be posted on the front page of Fleen.
  5. The stakes are one dollar American cash money.
  6. Both parties will appear as identical elephants.
  • Whoops, sorry, couldn’t help myself, what with Achewood rocking so hard these days and all. For those that need a quick catch-up on the current storyline (which I’m provisionally calling The Lash of Thanatos), may I recommend that you peruse the return to webcomics blogging by Eric Burns-White; this is a man who uses language as he loves it — in great quantities, and with meandering grace. We do not always see eye-to-eye on events within webcomicdom, he and I, but I am able to map his viewpoints to mine with acceptable accuracy, and am glad to see that he concurs that the latest happenings in and around Alberquist Hall are indeed Something Special.
  • Everybody catch The Guigster on TV yesterday? If not, there’s video for you to enjoy of some basic cable people not getting it, and applying the wrong questions (or at least not listening to the answers) about webcomicdom. But man, does Brad look natural on camera, or what? I guess he’s now our official Telegenic Spokesguy.
  • Speaking of the media, yesterday’s overlong posting means I didn’t get a chance to mention this before it happened, but a cluster of webcomickers (actually, that last link actually refers to the webmaster of a webcomicker, but you get the idea) found themselves on a podcast devoted to free and open-source software. If you missed it, replay should be available sometime day after tomorrow here-ish. Thanks to Help Desk creator (and podcast participant) Christopher Wright for the heads-up.

I was partly convinced (by the clause in the terms Brad Guigar pointed out about finalists being required to sign the three less-important [in my opinion] contracts in order to proceed in the contest), which I had not seen).

I just also like a good wager now and then.

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