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Endings And Beginnings

Ever since I wrote that title, webcomics things just keep popping up that match it. As the old saying goes, Things are going to change.

  • Naturally, of course, that little tidbit of The Child brings us to the end of Scary Go Round (as we know it), now announced for 11 September, with the new strip (not yet known at all, but at the same address) to begin the following Monday. Be sure to ask John Allison all about the final disposition of characters and storyline, and he may post your question with an answer if it is one of the best ones. If it’s not, you can always ask him when you see him at SPX.
  • It is also the end, as we know it, for Sinister Bedfellows, as creator mckenzee simultaneously scares the bejabbers out of small children and announces the start of his new project on 1 January: Bearcats of Mandhu, which he described to this page at SPX ’07 as an exploration of the recent travails of Nepal and the Nepalese royal family, depicted as furries.
  • It’s the start of the Couscous Collective store, with its first original offering being something you probably want: Skin Horse, Book 1. Not convinced? Check out this argument:

    “Now you can live anywhere and get copies of Couscous goodies,” says Pancha Diaz, cartoonist and group webmaster. “Geography will no longer thwart us.”

    Not enough webcomickers think in terms of thwarting! Thwartage of all types must itself (ironically enough) be thwarted! I just like saying the word “thwart”! Thwart, thwart, thwart, thwart, thwart, thwart!

  • Via Scott Kurtz, notice of a new endeavour at Webcomics-dot-com — the start of an ongoing series of video lessons:

    [W]e’re starting a brand new live stream called University.

    Our hope with Webcomics University is to feature in depth lectures from comic pros, bringing you their favorite tips, tricks, techniques, and thoughts on making Webcomics.

    I’ll be starting things off with our inagural episode, this Friday at 9pm central time. The show will be broadcast over my channel. Bookmark my page or watch right here at or Friday night.

    I have long wanted to do something similar here at Fleen in written form, but as you may have noticed in the past, I am a lazy, lazy man.

  • Finally, two stories that I’m sitting on at the moment; as soon as news of them breaks you’ll get more information on them. But hints? Keep your eye on Rich Stevens’ Twitter, and those of you that get Fox Business on your cable lineups, a familiar face may be appearing there in the next day or two (subject to more important things happening, naturally). And no, it’s not me, it’s somebody you’d actually want to hear from.
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