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Mondays Aren’t Usually This Busy

But many things to report on today. Please, enjoy.

  • I attended the New Jersey Webcomic Chaos meetup on Saturday, where I got the skinny on the debut book from Glass Urchin creator Auilix; the cover looks great, it’ll be 150 pages (!) in manga digest trim size, and it’ll debut at SPX at what appears to be a very reasonable price point. Be sure to check it out if you make it to Bethesda next month. Side note about the NJWC deal: it appears now to be empirically true that at no time can more than two webcomickers congregate over beverages, but that the conversation will at some point turn to Brad Guigar. He is the glue that binds us together.
  • Also over the weekend, news of Team Raina and Dave runninng a workshop at a book camp sponsored by the world-famous Symphony Space. The lucky campers were the first to see the galleys of Raina’s SMILE, making me extremely envious of a bunch of ‘tweens on account of I won’t get to read it for nearly six months.
  • Just this morning came word that Commissioner James Gordon is goin’ to the semifinals for the Cutest Dog Competition. Well done, webcomic-loving masses, that’s $500 towards the wedding of Gordon’s people, Chris and Carly; now hang on while the remaining 10 semifinalists get worked out, and we’ll be sure to let you know when to vote Gordon to the finals (only four of twelve dogs will make it to the final round, and the $1,000,000 grand prize waiting the winner). The level of competition will be fierce, and we’ll need all of us working together to do our parts.
  • Wanna see something interesting? Check out Google‘s new Labs feature, Google Squared. Now punch in the term webcomics. I’d love to see the algorithms to see how these particular items came to be reported.

Thanks for the shoutout! And thanks for the tips- your knowledge is, as always, greatly appreciated!

And two webcomickers congregate over drinks all the time – you should come join the nerd comics crew whenever you’re in the city next time, we’re always up for drinks and impromptu flow-comics!

I will get you drunk! :D ALLA YOUUUU!!!! :D

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